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Social media is vital in today’s business world, from daily blog postings to keeping up on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest there are a number of media outlets to manage on a daily basis. It can be a time consuming task managing the many social media outlets that exist today. If you would like to increase your social media activity here are a few ideas to make it a little easier.

Choose one Platform at a Time

Some of the most popular social media platforms right now include Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.  If you are new to social media start by choosing one of these platforms and begin your efforts with it. Once you are comfortable with one platform begin exploring and posting on another one and keep building a consistent presence until you are posting regularly and growing your following.

Create an Outline

Try creating an outline for your postings: Consider featuring meaningful quotes on one day, products and promotions on another and other unique ideas on another day.  A weekly outline will be very beneficial in the beginning while you are establishing your rhythm.

Hire Additional Help

Perhaps your budget will allow you to hire a content specialist like InSPAration Management. Content specialist can help spear head many media activities ranging from social media campaigns to daily blog postings. Some content specialists have unique areas of focus to specifically help business grow.  

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