InSPAration Moments • Note – June 2020

Are you ready to relaunch?

Happy June

How did you do navigating through the chaos? The fact is, the strong, the people with the proper business model, will survive and thrive, like many Mastermind Members in the InSPA community. And then, you have the not-so-fortunate, the weak, the people who did not have a healthy business, to begin with. They were operating too close to the break-even point. They did not have a solid foundation and may vanish. Sad, but true. But there is always hope, faith and love!

That is why now is the time to assess your current business model and make the necessary adjustments to chart a path to success. You must have a plan for a successful recovery and relaunch. Now is NOT the time for trial and error. You must implement a proven successful medspa or spa plan.

Keep reading or watching. You will find some answers in this month’s InSPAration Moments!

Start by reading The Featured Article, Steps to Making the Right Business Choices “Now” that Will Lead to Success! Many business owners are scrambling, not knowing what to do. Read More

In the Bright Idea
Avoiding 10 Obstacles that Could be Blocking your Success
Know how mastermind members overcome these obstacles and how you can overcome them too, so you can reach success! Read More

Dori Recommends
Are you ready to re-open your medspa/spa?
Watch business webinars to help you re-open, market and operate your medical spa successfully post-Coronavirus. Watch The M.A.P.S. Series. Say no to Netflix and YES to the InSPAration Management YouTube channel. Who knows, you may pick up a thing or two. Read More

Product of the Month
The Leap Ahead going virtual
If you are to relaunch properly and have a solid formula for success, join us in July and August. Read more

Happy Father’s Day!

Yes, it’s June already. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads! We love you!

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