InSPAration Moments • Featured Article – December 2019

Scale up to Multiple 7 Figures
with Your Medi Spa Business

Seven Steps to Seven Figures

People always ask me, “How can I scale up and make real money?” It will take time and an investment to make more money and be super successful. Here are seven steps you can implement to get started on the path to multiple seven figures:

1. Strategic Plan for Growth and Scaling Up

You may have heard me say, “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.” To scale up, it takes a simple and easy-to-implement strategy. The plan should include your vision, the core focus, your systems, your structure, and your goals of what you are trying to achieve and how you will reach it.

The clearer the plan is, the easier it is to implement it! Need help? Reserve a Day with Dori and we can help you come up with a great plan for success with your medical spa.

2. Building Your Marketing Machine

Marketing is the fuel for your business. Without fuel, you won’t be able to go anywhere, regardless if you have the most beautiful car, airplane or ship. Your target market needs to be very clear. How will you reach them? What media will you use? What will the messages be? Your marketing plan should include marketing to the affluent rather than the people who can’t afford you. Plan your entire lead generation strategy. How many leads will you need to scale up and achieve multiple 7 figures? It all starts with qualified leads. Your marketing plan must be detailed and focused on lead generation. Know your numbers!

3. Implement an Effective Sales Strategy that Includes a Reoccurring Revenue Model

Once the lead is a prospect, you will need a very clear sales funnel for the person to go through. From the first phone call to the consultation process to the customized program, and to the reoccurring membership model. This process needs to be understood by each team member and perfectly orchestrated for the best results. The goal is to turn all new clients into lifetime clients. If the team is trained for this system and sales process, you will reach your multiple seven figures very easily!

4. Recruit and Hire a High-Performance Team

You can’t reach multiple seven figures by yourself. You will need a team! Not just any team, but a high-performing team! It’s all about the team; they can make you or break you. Once you hire the right individuals, you will need to invest in training them. To train them, you will need training tools for both technical training and business training. They need to help you generate revenue, not only perform treatments. If you want multiple seven figures, everyone on the team needs to be focused on the guest experience, results, and revenue generation!

5. Deliver a “WOW!” Guest Experience for a Higher Retention Rate

It’s all about the guest experience. When you deliver a first-class experience, you can charge more and earn more. Come up with a unique concept and experience that will lead the guest to say, “WOW!” Get them on your side and let them sing your praises for you and your team on your social media. Plan out the entire guest process. Script the essential communication your team must have with each guest to achieve the “WOW!” effect.

6. Financial Model

Focusing on finances and keeping your eyes on the ball is key to not only making multiple seven figures but also maintaining them. Determine your revenue streams, your pricing for profit, and your monitoring process. Numbers don’t lie. Face the truth and keep monitoring your numbers. Break down the numbers to determine how much you need to generate per hour, per day, per week, and per month to reach your annual goal. I can’t stress enough the importance of having a clear budget and monitoring budget versus actual. Monitor, improve, and celebrate!

7. Invest in Yourself and in a Proven-Effective Model to Avoid Reinventing the Wheel

The goal is to reach success the fastest way possible. You have no time to waste. The investment I make in myself and learning from people who know more than I do, is what helped me achieve multiple seven figures. My advice for you is to do the same. Find a good advisor to guide you to the seven-figure arena. Don’t make costly mistakes and keep going around and around. There is an easier way!

Want to plan your 2020 success? Start by reserving a Success Planning Session. Help us learn about you and what you would like to accomplish, and let us chart a path for you to reach the multiple seven-figure arena and beyond.

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