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How Do I Motivate My
MedSpa Team & Stop All Excuses?

STOP All The Excuses With Motivation & Drive


Most people go to work everyday and average 40 to 50 hours per week. That is about 2,500 hours per year, including travel time to go back and forth from work. This is the amount of time you spend to earn money and earn a living.

Does your labor include excuses as to why you can’t do something?

Let’s be honest, everyone makes excuses for not accomplishing one thing or another. But the question is, why? Why make excuses? Just be honest and say, “I did not do it.” “I did not feel like it.” “I was just lazy.” “I forgot.”

People create thousands of excuses to avoid doing something they are supposed to do. Why are people addicted to giving excuses and how can we change that?

Here are the steps to overcome excuse addiction:

  • First, determine if you suffer from excuse addiction.
  • Second, determine if the excuse is related to laziness or a lack of knowledge.
  • Third, realize that it’s okay to be uncomfortable. People sometimes don’t do something because they are uncomfortable and don’t know how to do the work. Ask for help and step out of your comfort zone. Stretch your abilities and challenge yourself.
  • Fourth, know that excuses hold you back from advancing your career and earning more money.

Make a commitment to bury all excuses and ignite motivation and drive within yourself. Become an achiever, not a person who makes excuses.

Kill excuses and procrastination, and begin celebrating your success!

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