InSPAration Moments • Dori Recommends – October 2019

Stop Spinning Your Wheels

Do you ever feel like you are just spinning your wheels round and round? Many people do. So how do you get off the wheels anyway and be more productive and more successful?

Here are five things you can do:

  1. See where you are spending your time
    Many business owners mistake the difference between busy and productive. I challenge you to track your activities for one week and see which one you are: productive or busy?
  2. Focus on the goal and the objective
    Any time you get ready to do something, ask yourself whether this is getting me closer to my goal.
  3. Are you delegating or are you the do-it-yourself kind of leader?
    If you are not good at delegating, you are hurting your growth. Train the team and empower them to do what you don’t need to be doing.
  4. Schedule Personal Development Time – PDT
    The only way to improve productivity is to learn how to do it. You must put PDT on your calendar. I am so proud of Lynda Lazzaro from Aestique in PA and her team. They are focused on PDT. They schedule the time and train!
  5. The power of implementation
    Last month, I was in Wichita, Kansas and Boise, Idaho. Visited with Julie Acquiri and Dr. Cheatum’s team. I am so proud of them! They are focused on implementing all the training we did! Implementation = Success!

I encourage you to become more productive and
step into
The Millionaires’ Circle.

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