How Fit is Your Spa Business?


Spa trainning essential to your success
Spa trainning essential to your success

When it comes to being FIT whether it’s our business or our bodies to be FIT takes a lot work.No one gets a beautiful physique without many hours in the gym every week.And no spa business is successful without many hours of training.Your business performance is a direct reflection on how much time you spend on training.So let’s have a moment of truth, how much time do you designate per week on raining?Do you have a spa training curriculum for your team?Who is responsible for training in your spa?Who is the spa coach?

One of things I learned long ago is that for a business to succeed you need to have effective spa systems in place and then keep training those systems until they are perfected. In my current position as a spa coach and consultant I have the opportunity to speak to many spa owners, directors and the one thing I notice often is the lack of a training structure within the spa. Spa leaders need to put on the trainer and coach hat more often if they want their spa to produce profit and reach new heights.

I like to use sports analogies because they have a lot in common with business.Sports teams spend a lot of time training and sharpening their skills. The coaches are always on the floor watching and coaching their teams.They take time-out, watch tapes, create plays and map-out game strategies.You too have a TEAM and if you want to win you need to spend the time coaching and training.

Not only do you need to train your team but you need to continually improve your own skills.

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Here are some strategies for you to get your spa & salon business in the best shape!

Create two training tracks

  1. Business training

Revenue generation – focus on what the team can do to increase spa service and retail revenue.Train both the spa therapists and receptionists

  • Marketing – self and cross promoting
  • Upgrading treatments and promoting series
  • Guest relations – increasing retention rate

2. Technical knowledge

  • Treatment protocols
  • Product knowledge – services and retail
  • Guest experience – spa rituals

Develop Healthy Business Habits

Training schedule

Develop a training calendar and publish it.Spa training session can be as short as 45 minutes.

Getting the team into a training habit is essential to you success make the training the same day and time.

Training Agenda

Being prepared with an agenda and a purpose portray a professional image to your team and will keep them engaged.

Evaluating your Training

It’s always wise to evaluate your training to insure productive sessions and obtain feedback.

Assistant Spa Coach

As in sports the head coach has assistant coaches to assist them, who are your assistant coaches?If you don’t have them it’s time for you to develop some key players to assist you.

Setting Goals

I was a doing a private training last week at a spa and part of the training required the team writing down their goals. Frankly I was so surprised with what I saw.The team looked like they have never set goals before.Many of them did not even know what their goals should be.Does your team know what is expected of them?Do you have goal setting sessions every month and do you measure results?

Measuring results

Not measuring results is like getting on the playing field with a bunch of people running around and not keeping score of the game.Setting goals and measuring results is the only way to run a successful business. You need to know who your starters are and utilize their skills.

Being Fit takes self discipline, motivation, dedication and consistency.If you invest the time in your team your spa business will thrive and produce great profits.

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