How Can I Increase My Medi Spa and Spa Email Open Rate?

This Video Explains How You Can Increase Your Medi Spa and Spa Email Open Rate.

“How can I increase my email open rate?”

That’s a great question and it’s one that we have not covered yet. So, how can you increase your open rates? Email.
Everybody is bombarded with emails, right?

Many medi spas and spas send out emails. Emails are still a very effective communication method if you send
out good
emails and get your consumers in the habit of realizing that your emails have value.
That will
increase your open
rate. Here are four tips for you to increase your spa and medi spa open rate.

1. Make sure have a great subject line
Have a subject line that’s going to make them wonder what’s inside and cause them to click and open that email.
Take your time when choosing the right subject line. Make sure it’s intriguing enough for people to take action.

2. Your email style
What do your emails look like? You have to make sure that you have relevant and real pictures in your emails. Try
to stay away from stock images unless you really have to. Draw them to you with your image. Use great colors. Don’t
make it just black and dark. Make it all nice and cheerful to make people want to get drawn in to actually read the

3. Your emails should be mobile-friendly
If you’re sending out emails that people cannot scroll on their phone and see them and make sense, you’re totally
missing out. Because most people will be viewing your emails on the phone or iPad.

4. Valuable content
If all the emails you’re sending out are ” buy from me, buy from me, buy from me,” one promotion after another and
you’re just discounting to death, this will cause people to stay away and not open up your emails. But if you’re
giving value, you’re building a relationship and trust, and then maybe you’re giving a promotion here and there,
then people are going to look forward to your emails. And they’re going to open them up more often.

Implement these four quick strategies and improve your spa and medical spa email open rate.

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