First Impression – How Good is Yours?


To me first impressions are everything…

Recently, I visit to a local spa recently (just checking out the competition) and the first thing that I saw upon entering was the spa receptionist.Let me say that this was no ordinary spa receptionist; this young lady was definitely someone who I will never forget.Not only was her hair an unnatural pinkish red color (you know what I’m talking about), but even more stunning was the bright pink lip shaped tattoos scattering her décolleté and neck region.To make things even more interesting, she looked extremely unapproachable, never bothered to make eye contact with me or to greet me.Needless to say my visit was brief; after looking over the product shelves, I grabbed the service menu and left. Was this the upscale spa that they solicited themselves as?I don’t think so… (They are not my competition). The popular warning of:“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression” really does stand true.


sparecepprofitscvr1It got me thinking that no matter how much we might think that we are non-judgmental, every one of us is guilty of making first impressions about people and places we visit.It’s estimated that it only takes 3 seconds for us to make an initial first impression about somebody we meet for the very first time.What impression are people forming about your place?

When clients walk through the door and are greeted by the receptionist or they call your spa and the receptionist answers the telephone – they are immediately forming an impression about the products, services and your overall facility. Your receptionist must represent your spa/salon through their appearance, behavior, attitude, business manners and communication skills. No matter how busy the receptionist area is, the entire spa counts on the receptionist to always project a professional image and make a great first and lasting impression.

Do your spa receptionists’ reflect a professional image for your spa?Remember, the reception area and the rescpetionists are a very important department, they are a revenue center for you. Are they helping you increase your revenue or are they hurting your bottom-line?As a spa owner/manager, you must continually evaluate your front line team. I know of a great Biztool to help you. Its called Reception & Profits. Its a 3-hour DVD to help you convert your reception center into a revenue hub. To get you started, here are 8 key performance objectives you should measure and expect from the receptionists:

1.Portray a professional spa image – uniform or professional attire

2.Above average communication skills and word selection

3.Positive non-verbal communication skills- body language and eye contact

4.Effective listening skills

5.Problem-solving ability and guest satisfaction

6.Telephone mastery – call management

7.Exceptional product/service knowledge

8.Ability to multitask and organizational skills

You CANNOT afford a bad first impression.Create a good first impression and your clientele numbers will flourish and so will your overall revenue. Give a bad first impression and you will continue to fight an uphill battle. Take a moment and assess your first impression and improve upon it.

Have you experienced a great first impression? share it with us.



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