Fall in Love with your Business Again!


As a consulting firm, we hear from two different types of spa owners:

1. The people who are frustrated, overwhelmed, or unhappy, and are looking for ways to improve their business. It is sad but true that sometimes the call for help should have been made a lot earlier. These owners are reacting to their problems instead of planning for their success.

2. The people who are doing well, but who want to do better. These owners desire to take their business to the next level and map out a growth strategy. They are the people who really love their business! They are proactive about taking advantage of preventative care.

Business is like your body: If you don’t eat right, exercise, clean it, take care of it, etc., sooner or later you will end up at the doctor’s office, or worse, in the ICU. Your business is the same. That is why it’s important to love it and take great care of it so it can take care of you!

Entrepreneurs go into business to achieve the goals below:
A. Want more freedom! (To do whatever they love to do whenever they want)
B. Make more money (to live the lifestyle they feel they deserve)
C. Do what they love

To be successful, you need a blueprint, a recipe to follow! Look around you. Most successful businesses today are franchises. From Starbucks, to Massage Envy, and hundreds of other franchises, the main reason for their success is due to systems, structure, and the blueprint they have for success.

At some point, someone loved their business enough to invest in it and to create that recipe for success. Do you love your business enough to gain a successful blueprint? Do you love it enough to invest in it so you can achieve the goals for having more freedom and make more money?
The point is if you love your business, you will invest in its success!

When we first launched InSPAration Management, I thought our clients would be the people who are really doing badly in business, but what we found was totally different. Here are the facts:

• The people who really need the business help rarely reach out for it. That is why so many businesses fail.
• Most of our clients are the people who are already successful and want to be more successful.

This fact is proven to me over and over again when we host the “Leap Ahead” seminar. Often, the people who attend generate seven-figures in revenue, or they have smaller businesses but are generating 6-figures and wish to expand and invest in their growth. Which one are you? Do you seek help, or do you think you can do it on your own, leaving you always trying to reinvent the wheel?


Remember, one of the habits of  Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey, is “Sharpening the Saw!” Take the time now to sharpen your saw by attending the Leap Ahead Seminar, where you will gain your blueprint for success!

Join us for the next “Leap Ahead”


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