Driving More Male Clientele to your Spa

Beyond 80/20 split

Why is the ratio of women to men visiting spas still at 80 to 20?  It seems that going to a spa is still a female dominating activity.  (Source ISPA)

It’s not that men don’t want to look and feel better; they do.  According to a report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. Men’s Grooming Products Market will exceed $33.2 billion by 2015.

It seems that men are spending money on products beyond the traditional shaving and deodorants.  They are now buying skin care, hair care and bath products. They want products that are specifically targeted at them rather than using their significant other’s shower gels and body lotions etc.

If that’s the case, why are more men not visiting spas? They are not because spa leaders are marketing to men the same way they are marketing to women and we know how good that’s working… If you want to attract more men to your spa you need to change your marketing strategies, your positioning and your offer.

When marketing to men keep in mind that to men looking good is looking strong, confident, authoritative, and adventurous. Men tend to hone in, more quickly than women, on what they’re looking for. Men are not browsers; a male motto, “Get what I want and move on.”  Men shop for what they need “now.” Men like simple and to the point– just tell them what problem this treatment will solve and what the results are and they will buy.

Here are 6 new marketing strategies you can implement to help you drive more men to your spa and expand your market share and your revenue:

Spa marketing for men

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Create a Great Menu with Menu Development Dos and Don’ts

1.     Spa Menu 

Problem:  Most spa menus focus on female treatment.  You may find one treatment, maybe two for Men.  The menu content, feel and image are catering to women.  This immediately reduces the likelihood of a man coming to you.  You are not speaking to them. That’s why we have Vogue magazine and GQ.  They both target a different market.

Solution: Create a man-specific treatment menu.  Use colors, copy, style that is appealing to men. It can be a small trifold, it can even have the similar type of treatments to the women but they must be described differently targeting the male population and speaking to them, directly addressing their problems and offering solutions. Name your treatments in ways to attract their attention.  Don’t just say male manicure; maybe try Hand Detailing.  Don’t say Facial for Men; try Executive Facial and so on.   Copy is key when creating a menu for men

2.     Web site

Problem:  Most spa websites feature mainly women in their images and with their treatment description.  Many are still talking about pampering… this type of website drives men away rather than capturing their attention.

Solution:  Create a men-only area on your website so they can go and discover all the treatments available for men. Make sure your home page is neutral and features both men and women.

3.     On-hold message

Problem:  Most on-hold messages don’t advertise that the XYZ spa is the ideal place for both men and women to relax, de-stress and rejuvenate.  This is a missed opportunity.

Solution:  Create a new on-hold message making it clear that you are a “unisex spa” that provides treatments and programs for both men and women.

4.     Spa positioning

Problem:  Men have different needs than women.  Currently most spas are positioned for women.

Solution:  In order to tap into the male market, spas need to have a clear understanding of what men’s needs are. Create a survey or focus group to clearly understand what your male target market needs.  This will help you reposition your offering and your spa to attract the male market and increase revenue.

5.     Advertising

Problem:  Email campaign, newsletter, ad or other promotional materials are again normally geared towards women.

Solution:  Create marketing material that targets both men and women.

  1. 6.     Spa ambiance

Problem:  Spa colors, reading material in the relaxation lounge, décor, guest attire, etc., normally have a feminine feel.

Solution:  I am not saying redecorate your spa but maybe you can create a special area where men will feel more comfortable.

Here are some additional strategies you may want to consider to help you attract more men to your spa.

  1.  Consider designating certain hours during the week where you only take male clients to satisfy the men who don’t necessarily care to see women while at the spa.
  2. Create a male only membership program.
  3. Offer an image consultation and style consultation.
  4. Keep the menu simple. Focus on problems and solutions of the benefit of the treatments.
  5. Ask your female clients to refer one man each. Provide them with the men menu to pass on with a complimentary consultation.
  6. Recommend products and educate him on how to use them and share expected results
  7. Men have different interests than women; make sure your therapist can carry on a conversation with male topics such as sports, cars, business, etc.
  8. Go where the metrosexual males are.  Defined as affluent, urban males who pay more attention to appearance and grooming than was once considered masculine–have made grooming regimens more familiar to men.  Go to where they are.  Visit country clubs and fitness centers to invite them to visit your spa and receive a complimentary consultation.

Now is the time to reposition your spa and earn your part of the male market share.  want help with creating your marketing strategy contact us. info@inSPArationManagement.com




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