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Here we are wrapping up 2022 and saying hello to a new year!  Normally, at the end of each year, we all look back and reflect on how we did while making new plans for the upcoming year.  In this issue, I want to help you assess your medical spa business, so you can make the necessary improvements and plan for growth.  Watch Dori Talks and discover easy steps to assess and plan your success.

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We wish you a great holiday season, a Merry Christmas, and a very happy and prosperous New Year!

-Dori & Team

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Have you assessed your business lately? If not, now is the time to do so! I am Dori Soukup, and in this Dori Talks, I will share with you 8 steps to simplify your business assessment process and gain clarity on how to fill the gaps and make necessary improvement to promote business growth for your medical spas.

Let’s start with why you must assess and analyze your medical spa business and its performance. A business assessment is essential for improvements and growth. Conducting a business assessment for your medical spa will provide you clarity on your business status. …Read More

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Your Holiday Gift


As we close out this year, it’s time to assess, reflect, and make a growth plan for the new year.

Join us for a complimentary presentation and Discover How To Assess your Medical Spa Business and Plan for Growth!

This one-hour presentation will help you:

  1. Why perform a medspa business assessment
  2. What business functions should you assess?
  3. Creating a medspa growth plan for success
  4. Training tools needed

Reserve your seat now and join us January 9th at 2pm EST
and chart a successful path!

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Your Holiday Gift


Want to start the year off with a big revenue boost?

Join us for a complimentary presentation and discover the most effective business, model to help you position your medical spa for success!

This one-hour presentation will help you:

  1. Capture low-hanging fruit
  2. Maximize high-ticket sales
  3. Implement a recurring revenue model
  4. Increase profits

Register now and join us January 9th at 4pm EST.

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