Discover How To Embark On A Great Career As An Injector

Happy Easter & Passover!

April is a month of love, new hope, freedom and rising up! This is not just about religion, it also applies to your business. What are you doing in your business to spread love, new hope, financial freedom and expansion? Are you rising your success level?

In this issue, we are sharing great content to help you do exactly that. The medical spa industry is growing at a rapid rate. Many medical professionals are entering the medical aesthetics business. Watch the Dori Talks & Discover How To Embark On A Great Career As An Injector.

Tip of the Month you can discover Five Tips On How To Create An Effective Medical Spa Newsletter to help you connect, engage, convert and monetize your efforts.

You are also invited to attend 2 complimentary business webinars.

1. Five Steps To Maximizing Revenue With High-Ticket Programs

2. Eight Principles To Grow Your Business With Video Marketing

We wish a great April!

Sharing the Love, Dori & Team


6 Steps To Choosing A Career As An Injector In A Medical Spa

Watch this episode of Dori Talks and make great choices on how to establish a career as a great medical aesthetics injector. … Read More.

Complimentary Webinar

Aren’t you tired of discounting your medical spa treatments, reducing prices, and doing Groupons? These are things that deplete your medical spa practice profits. If you are ready to generate multiple millions annually with your medical aesthetics join us…

You’re Invited To Attend A Complimentary Webinar on
Monday, April 6th at 3pm EST.

Tip Of The Month

5 Tips To Creating An Effective Newsletters For Your Medical Spa
  1. Commit to publishing a monthly newsletter
  2. Tips to structuring your newsletter
  3. Marketing your newsletter
  4. Measuring your efforts
  5. Asking for help in creating a medspa newsletter

Need help? Reach out, and we will make recommendations.

Tell us about your newsletter success!

Join Us For A Book Gathering

Topic of discussion is
Chapter 5 – Gain Celebrity Status & Differentiate
Your Business with Video Marketing

from Dori’s latest book Medical Aesthetics Success.

See You This Wednesday, April 5th at 4PM EST!


YouTube TV, Facebook Live, Instagram TV, are you reaching your audience and gaining new clients through online video?

If not, join us for a complimentary webinar and discover how you can attract more consumers to your business and improve your positioning with video marketing.

On This Webinar You Will Learn How To:

  1. Why video marketing?
  2. What types of videos should you do?
  3. Essential videos for your website
  4. Equipment you need to create videos
  5. Shooting videos that convert
  6. Multipurpose your videos
  7. Generating money/sales with videos
  8. Gaining video testimonials

Save the date Thursday, April 20th at 3 PM EST

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