Discover 6 Business Principles For Running A Medical Aesthetic Practice Successfully

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Did you go to medical school and are now practicing medicine but looking to venture into the medical aesthetic industry, but don’t know how to start and or run a business successfully?

As a medical aesthetics business firm, we work with many medical professionals who are shifting to becoming entrepreneurs and taking on the challenging task of running a medical spa business successfully.

We often hear, “I know medicine, but no one taught us how to run a business in medical school.” That is why I wanted to introduce you to Med Spa Biz University, and now you can learn how to run a medical aesthetic business effectively.  We are introducing you to Med Spa Biz University.  A business platform and curriculum to help you be super successful.

Six must learn medical spa business principles.

1. Financial Foundation

Setting the proper financial foundation will help you gain clarity on what it takes to financially operate a business. There are three very key financial factors to implement within the business.

  1. Forecasting and Budgeting
  2. A performance-based compensation model
  3. Targets and measurements

Learning how to forecast, budget, and have the financial tools to make it happen will help you determine what it will take to be profitable with your endeavor.

Stop guessing what to do, and gain access to a medical aesthetics financial curriculum complete with a step-by-step process on how to forecast, how to budget, and how to pay the entire medical spa team. Including injectors, aestheticians, medical assistants, patient coordinators, laser technicians and more.

Don’t reinvent the wheel; all you need to do is access Med Spa Biz University, read, watch, and implement! We will show you how to set a great financial foundation.

2. Marketing to the Affluent

You can have the most beautiful facility and the best equipment, but if you don’t have the right consumer walking in to purchase medspa treatments and products from you, you won’t succeed. The facts are that medspa treatments are expensive and not all consumers can afford them, which is why you see many med spas doing Groupons and offering huge discounts. That practice will deplete your profit lines and cause you to struggle financially. Instead, you must target the affluent consumers—the ones who can afford your medspa treatments and products. 

At Med Spa Biz University, you will be able to gain access to the Millionaire’s Circle curriculum where you will learn how to target, market, sell, and profit from affluent consumers. No need to play price war games. You can generate multiple millions from one location when you apply the Med Spa Biz University curriculum. You can experience financial freedom and prosperity!

3. High-Ticket Sales with Aesthetic Consultations

As we work with new clients, one of the biggest challenges we see often is the lack of focus on high-ticket sales through the consultation process. Many medical practices and providers are simply order takers. They fulfill the consumers requests based on the treatment they chose from the menu, but they miss out on making more recommendations and opportunities. 

In the Med Spa Biz University, you will find a program called Success With Guest Consultation and the S.A.C.R.E.D. System. This program will help you and your team learn how to promote high-ticket programs to increase client satisfaction, provider income, and the facility’s profitability. You can accomplish this by reserving a Get to Know You consultation and customizing a high-ticket program that could be anywhere from $2,500 to 10,000+.

The S.A.C.R.E.D. System

Many Med Spa Biz University graduates are accomplishing that easily on a daily basis, leading them to generate seven figures from their medspa.

4. Building a High-Performing Medspa Team

Not all teams are created equally. To succeed in a medical aesthetics business, you must have a high-performing team. A team that is clear on your vision, purpose, impact, contribution, and the training required to help them chart a successful career path. 

At Med Spa Biz University, you will find an entire curriculum specific to medspa team training. It’s called “Recipes for Success”. The program includes videos, audios, manuals, scripts, forms, and business strategies that you and the team will need to learn to be super successful and add value to your medical spa business.

Investing in the team’s business education is a must if you are serious about generating multiple seven-figures per year. Many practices focus on clinical training but forget about business training and how to generate more revenue. We hear from members all the time how valuable the Med Spa Biz University is to their business.

5. Medical Spa Business Training for Leaders

As a leader, it’s essential to know how to run a profitable business, and this is exactly what they don’t teach you in medical school. Everything starts with you as the leader.

At Med Spa Biz University, you will find the Leap Ahead curriculum. The Leap Ahead is an A to Z for leaders on how to operate a medical spa business successfully. There are 6 modules with all the tools you need to apply the 4 S’s. Systems, Structure, Strategies, and Solutions Completing this educational program will help you set the solid foundation you will need to succeed. 1,000 medical professionals and entrepreneurs have taken this course and have totally transformed their businesses by applying its content, and you can too!

6. Continued Learning and Growth

As a medical professional, you are required to continually attend educational programs to stay up to date with your certification. Business requires the same education. It’s important to keep innovating, changing, and improving your medical spa business model to ensure success and growth. On Med Spa Biz University, there are monthly get-togethers for the medical spa team and for leaders. Everyone can join live or on-demand to access the latest and the best business strategies to continue improving and enhancing the processes.

We invite you to watch preview modules on the free InSPAration Management page, so you can see how you will benefit from being a Med Spa Biz University student and member. We offer a complete business model to help you succeed. and experience the success you deserve.

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