Convert first-time clients into lifetime clients

We’ve now reached the final step to implement an Effective Sales Process.

Let’s review the first three steps:

First, include a strategy to generate qualified spa leads and/or prospects.

Second, begin building relationships and trust with new leads.

Third, convert leads.

The fourth and final step is to convert first-time clients into lifetime clients.

Success with guest consultation should lead to creating a customized program to help a team reach the results they are looking for. It should lead to multiple future appointments. Once they complete their program, then you can present a membership program to help them maintain their results.

We invite you to read more about how to gain strategies to convert leads into clients. Click here.

Relating it to real life

Loyalty is defined as faithfulness to commitments or obligations.

Think of the person who sticks with a business/sports team through name/ownership changes and through other negative happenings. Or consider the person who travels a long way for something as simple as a dinner at their favorite restaurant.

What brought these once first-time clients and now lifetime clients to this point? Simple. On the very first visit, something compelling and memorable forever put that business/sports team and/or restaurant on the client’s “favorites list.” This happened and continued despite the years that had passed or the losses that piled up, and/or the longer commute involved, in the above examples.

In conclusion

Setting up a sales process for your spa will help you become much more aware of what needs to be done to reach a higher level of success!

I encourage you to evaluate your current sales process and improve it by implementing the four steps we’ve discussed.

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