Becoming an Authority and Expert

The truth is, you may be a spa or medi-spa expert, but do members of your community know it?

How do you know if you are viewed as an expert?

You are positioned as an expert if:

  1. You are asked by the media for interviews on the radio, TV, magazines, etc.
  2. You are considered the “go-to person” for your expertise
  3. You have articles published in magazines
  4. You have written a book
  5. You have videos discussing your expertise
  6. You are active on LinkedIn with groups
  7. You are a member of leadership groups
  8. You are asked to speak and give advice on health, wellness, and/or beauty to the community

Did you answer yes to all of these questions?   If not, you need to make some changes regarding your position.

In today’s marketing, most businesses focus on price wars, thinking that if they are the cheapest, they will get the most business.   This is a very sad marketing strategy. Competing on price is not the way to go. There is always someone who is willing to offer a lower price and where would that leave you?   Participating in price wars depletes profits and makes you look desperate.   You will be much better off changing your positioning by practicing authority marketing instead.  

Authority marketing will put you on a totally different level and it will help you practice pull marketing, where people are coming to you rather than push marketing with lower prices.  

To help members of the InSPAration community, we decided to host a seminar to help you write a book in one weekend so you can position yourself as the expert and use the book to market your business.   We have done this with several of the CoachMe Platinum group, and now it’s available to you.


Click here to learn more so you can stop the price wars, start leading more consumers to you, and charge top dollar.

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