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Many spas and salons offer makeup, but in most cases, it’s stuck in a corner as if it was an afterthought. No major focus is usually applied to ensure the success of this department. Often, I wonder why spas and salons even offer makeup if it’s just going to sit there collecting dust. It’s time for change! This article will help you discover 7 Easy Steps to Turn Your Makeup Studio into a Mega Revenue Source!

1. Proper Positioning

Makeup can generate a large sum of income when it’s positioned properly. Your makeup studio should be located in a well-lit area with a makeup mirror and a proper makeup chair. It should be clean, attractive, organized and inviting for your clients to experience.

2. Develop a Makeup Menu

This is a BIG missed opportunity. Normally, consumers just see one phrase or paragraph within the menu about makeup. Instead, you should provide them with a rack card or a separate insert describing all of your makeup offerings, enticing them to purchase repeatedly.

Here is a sample of what your makeup menu should include:

Teen Lessons

A large segment of your clientele is women in their 40s or 50s who have teenage girls in need of your help. Launch a campaign to all the moms so you can help their daughters learn to properly apply makeup and teach them which makeup to purchase. You can even turn it into a mother/daughter lesson!

Special Occasion Application

We all have special occasions to attend such as birthdays, anniversaries, parties and events where we want to make a great impression. Unfortunately, most of your clients probably are not aware that you offer special occasion services; therefore, both you and your clients are missing out on great opportunities.

Wedding Makeup

This is a very big business to tap into. You help the bride and the entire wedding party . You can offer pre-wedding programs for the bride and her bridal party. You can even do a program for the bachelorette party! If you have a salon, you can also do their hair. Offer complete wedding programs. Again, if your menu does not list or describe wedding programs, you are missing out on this HUGE business opportunity.

Expert Makeover & Seasonal Refresher

We all could use a make-over! Offer a seasonal refresher to help your clients stay looking their best through seasonal changes. They should experience a seasonal refresher at least once a quarter.

After Treatment Mini Application

No woman wants to leave the spa without makeup after a facial. By offering a mini application, it will set you apart from the competition and provide the opportunity to sell your makeup!

Makeup Products

And, of course, you need to tell your clients about your makeup products and why they are so great!

Create your menu. Have a hard copy and post it on your website. See your makeup sales grow!

3. Marketing Your Makeup

Any business requires marketing to succeed, and makeup is no exception. Here are some marketing essentialsfor you to implement. Plan a makeup event at least once a quarter. Launch makeup promotions, offer a gift with a purchase, feature added value. Create a Discovery Makeup Station so your clients can sample your makeup. Department stores sell billions of dollars annually because they allow women to test products; you must do the same. Get the rest of the team to cross market to help build your makeup clientele. You can also tap into upgrade opportunities such as lashes, facials and injectables. Don’t forget about all the tools your clients will need: brushes, sponges, cleansers, eye makeup remover, and so on.

4. Team Makeup Training

Training the team is essential to your success. There are several schools that can help train your team to improve their makeup skills and learn about the latest colors and trends. It is worth the investment if you are serious about your makeup business.

5. Business Tools to Sell Products

One of the strategies I teach clients is how to use a “Guest Discovery Form” to learn about the client’s needs. It helps achieve the look or the results your clients are looking for. It should be utilized by makeup artists to discuss your client’s needs and serve as a communication tool leading to recommendations.

The other essential tool is a Face Chart to be utilized as a closing tool. You can show the client all the colors and products you just used on them or the colors you are recommending. It helps close the sale by having them see all the products and the price total so they commit to the new look.

6. Selling Your Makeup Products

To maximize your makeup business, establish targets and goals. Take the time to calculate the number of clients who visit your facility on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Set targets for how much revenue you want to average per guest. Additionally, launch performance based compensation to motivate your team.

7. Measuring Results

Don’t forget to measure performance. Keep coaching the team until they reach the level of performance you are striving for!

Makeup can truly be a great revenue source for your business, but you need to give it the attention it deserves. I encourage you to implement these 7 Steps and watch your makeup business soar![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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