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Falling in love with your medical spa is a beautiful thing. Imagine being so passionate about something that you wake up every day excited to start your day. You become charged up about all the possibilities ahead of you. You start to see the big picture and understand how your medical spa can make a positive impact.
When you love what you do, you become motivated to work hard and find new ways to grow and scale up your medical aesthetics practice. Remember scaling-up is the theme for the year.

Step One – Get To Know Your Medspa

Spend time knowing your business and learning about your clients, what they need and how you can serve them. Know your market, the medspa industry. Become an expert for what you do. Whether you are an injector, an aesthetician, a laser tech, a guest relations person, a manager, or you hold any other position, you have to know and love what you do. Identify what drives you and what you’re passionate about get to know all about it and focus on it.

Step Two – Be creative and enhance the guest experience

Brainstorm new ideas with the team, come up with ways to improve the guest experience. Implement new rituals, experiences, touch points ways to wow them. Many medspa professionals are busy competing on price but you should compete on the type of experience you deliver instead. This practice will help you keep your medspa clients engaged and increase your retention rate.

Step Three – Love your team

You can’t reach a higher level of success without a high performing team. Having a team that is motivated, driven, happy and content will go a long way in your scaling-up process. Share the vision with them and inform them how they add value to the vision and mission.

Open communication is key to success, especially when it comes to team performance. Encourage your team to openly communicate their ideas, successes, and failures. Provide positive feedback: Positive feedback is essential for motivating and boosting team morale. Provide your team with detailed and meaningful feedback that recognizes their efforts and successes.

Ensure that your team has clear understanding of their expectations. Set clear goals and objectives and communicate them to the team.

Step Four – Invest in medspa business & clinical education

Coaching helps employees learn new skills, increase their confidence, and improve performance. It can also increase employee retention and help create a culture of learning and growth.

Coaching will benefit your medspa in many ways. It can help create a more productive, positive, and collaborative work environment, as well as improve communication and problem-solving skills.

Coaching also helps managers and leaders develop better leadership skills and foster a sense of trust, respect, and accountability. It should be an ongoing process, not a one-time event. Coaching should also be focused on developing a growth mindset, so that your medspa team are continuously improving and striving for excellence. Overall, coaching and training are an important part of any medical aesthetics practice. It helps develop the skills of your team and improve performance, as well as create a more positive and productive work environment leading to success.

Step Five – Mistakes to avoid

  1. Don’t be overwhelmed: Running a business is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t push yourself too hard or you’ll end up feeling drained and burnt out.
  2. Don’t Ignore Your Clients: Your clients are the lifeblood of your business, so don’t ignore them. Make sure you’re paying attention to their needs and feedback and responding accordingly.
  3. Don’t Neglect Your Finances: Keeping track of your finances is essential for running a successful business. Make sure you have a system in place to track your expenses, revenue, and cash flow.
  4. Don’t Cut Corners: Trying to save money by cutting corners is a bad idea. It could lead to mistakes, poor quality products, and unhappy clients.
  5. Don’t Get Too Caught Up in the Details: Getting caught up in the details will lead to losing sight of the big picture. Keep your eye on the goal and stay focused on the target and the big picture.

Focus on love this month! For your clients, your team, for yourself and everyone in your circle. Love is everywhere feel it and share it!

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