Your Spa’s E-zine!

Discover strategies to make your e-zine into a media resource your clients want to read while turning it into a revenue and lead generating source.

In speaking with members of our community, potential clients, and spa professionals, I often ask if they have an e-zine. Frequently their response is no. It’s also interesting to hear what some people consider an e-zine to be. For those of you who have one, have you assessed the effectiveness of your e-zine lately?

Your e-zine should:
1. Provide your clients with rich CONTENT to strengthen the relationship.
2. GROW your list to market to on a regular basis.
3. Effectively PROMOTE your services or products.
4. Position yourself as an EXPERT in your field.

Your e-zine should have similar structure to the InSPAration Moments e-zine.

1. Establish your image
2. Give your e-zine a name
3. Use a template. Outline main categories and use them every month:

Possible E-zine Categories

a. A Note From…
b. Featured Article
c. Spa Cuisine Recipe
d. Ask a Therapist, Doctor, or Nurse
e. Success Stories
f. Spa Recommendations
g. Promotions
h. Events or Happenings

Many people don’t realize how important an e-zine is to a business. That’s why they don’t focus on it. Today, I want to highlight these important points so you can create or improve your e-zine. As mentioned earlier, there are four key reasons to have an e-zine. Let me expand on each one:

1. Provide Your Clients with Rich CONTENT to Strengthen The Relationship.
In many cases, rich content is missing. Many people think sending out email blasts is all you need to do. If all you are sending is “Buy from me,” your audience will lose interest and typically hit “delete” before they even look at it. In fact, too many “Buy from me” email blasts will get people to “opt out” from your list. Rich content is very important! Give your readers valuable information they can use! What Rich Content are you delivering?

2. GROW Your List to Market to on a Regular Basis.
Many Spas don’t have lead generation strategies. We emphasize the importance of building your list during the CoachMe Gold Calls. Your e-zine can help you build your list, not only from your web site but from B2B relations. With a great E-zine this process becomes achievable; you will build a great list quickly that you can market to them over and over.

3. Effectively PROMOTE Your Services or Products.
Through your e-zine, you can promote your products or your special offers. Again, this is just like what you see in InSPAration Moments. We provide value while promoting certain products to help you with your business. It’s a Win/Win for everyone!

4. Position Yourself as an EXPERT in Your Field.
By offering valuable information that is helpful to your readers, you become the expert. You own a spa. It’s about helping people feel and look their best! How are you helping them now? You can do a lot more through your e-zine. Share your knowledge!


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