What Medical Spa Treatment can I add for under $100,000?



“I have a medical spa. I was wondering what type of treatment can I introduce that’s not going to cost me over $100,000, such as a laser that can also produce results for my clients?”

When you have a medical spa, one of the most expensive equipment to buy are lasers. And as you know, there’s really not that many lasers that are less than $100,000.

One treatment you can offer is Microneedling.

Microneedling is a great way to provide for guests without spending a fortune.

I recommend DermaFrac. If you go to GenesisBioSystems.com you’ll be able to see all sorts of different equipment they offer.

They can help guide you and see which one would be the ideal one for you. They are reasonable and they’re very effective. They produce great results. And they have all sorts of different models that you can choose from. The most popular one that they have is DermaFrac.

It’s a great microneedling system and it offers some of the latest technologies with it. It has no downtime, minimal pain, and it works tremendously well. I have a few clients who have it and are loving the entire treatment. I highly recommend them. So again, go to GenesisBioSystems.com and check it out.

Now there are also all sorts of other treatments you can do that do not require large investment. For example, another very popular treatment is PRP. You can do hair growth, facials, female health, male health, and treatments you can offer to improve sexual health.

If you have a big budget, lasers for your medi spa are a great thing to have. You just have to make sure to do your homework and buy the right one, the most ideal one for your medical spa.

Whatever medical spa treatments you offer, we like to help you maximize your revenue for treatments and retail sales. If you haven’t attended the Leap Ahead seminar, you should. We can help you grow your medical spa or spa exponentially.

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