Make Your Spa Website Work For You, Part 2

In the last business blog, we talked about the first three best practices to turn your spa website into a revenue-generating website.Make Your Website Work for You today On this post, we will discuss the next three strategies so your spa website is a powerful tool to bring in new guests, increase your capacity and retention rates, and get to that level of success you will enjoy! 1. Focused on benefits Are the words on your website solving problems for your visitors? Is the web copy suggesting ways for them to look and feel better? People go online to find information—about spa treatments and spa products. What you can do, and how you solve problems. Are you answering their questions and offering solutions? This allows you to show credibility and position you as an expert, as well as builds trust in your consumer’s mind. 2. Generates revenues Is your website  generating revenue? Your copy may be compelling, but if it is not asking people to take action, then your website is nothing but an online brochure. Get them to sign up for offers, download free reports, buy gift cards and products, make reservations, share feedback and testimonials, or ask a question, to name a few. There are many ways have them take action and to “buy” from you! 3. Targets the right audience How will you know if you are reaching your target market? Google Analytics can help you measure how many visits you get on your site, how long they stayed, what pages they viewed, how they arrived at your site, and many more. Best of all, it is is free. It will show you where you need to improve, and what you are doing well, so you can leverage this in making more money. So, is your website generating income for your spa? At the end of the day, your spa website should be a profit center, not a costly burden to your bottom line. Have any thoughts about this topic? Share with us your comments!   Register for Make Your Spa Social Media Work for You teleseminar today Learn more about how to use landing pages on your spa website to attract more prospects and increase spa capacity levels. Join us today in the teleseminar on “How to Quickly and Easily Create Landing Pages” in the CoachMe Gold series, Make Your Spa Social Media Work For You on April 28, 2015 at 4:00 PM Eastern »      
Is your spa website getting you a piece of that $15+ billion US spa market? Do you know how much revenue it has brought you since launching it?Make Your Website Work for You today Here are three of the six spa website best practices to implement to turn your spa website into an income-generating tool: 1. More than an online brochure In the past, you can get away with a website that simply listed your products and services, address, and some graphics. Today, slapping your spa menu or brochure onto a website is the best way to turn away potential spa guests permanently. Your website has to engage their attention, hook them with benefits, and get them to connect with you. 2. Build relationships When people come to your site, are they compelled to start a conversation with you? Does the language say there is a real person behind  it? On your site, they should find rich, engaging content that appeals to their interests, provides solutions to their problems, solicits their opinions, or simply gets them to connect with you. 3. Grow client list Your spa website is not a flyer. It is a way for you to capture your prospects’ information—their name and email address. This process is the core of your marketing efforts. Over time, your website should build on it. Your spa list is a ready-made audience for your products, treatments, and offers! In part two, we will discuss three more spa website best practices. Stay tuned! Share your concerns with your website and let us help you! Done for Me! Marketing InSPAration Management can help you connect with your guests and clients to increase retention rates and attract new clients. Done for Me! Spa Marketing is a time-saving, revenue generating program that gives you more time to focus on your spa. Click here to learn more »   Make Your Spa Social Media Work for You Want to know more how you can generate more revenues from your spa website? Join us for the upcoming teleseminar on “How to Quickly and Easily Create Landing Pages” in the CoachMe Gold series, Make Your Spa Social Media Work For You on April 28, 2015 at 4:00 PM Eastern to know more »    
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