Strategies and Tips to Boost Your Spa Public Relations!

The best part about PR is that it’s free; unless of course, you hire an agency to do it for you.  Even then, PR itself is free.

It’s about time you took advantage of marketing that comes freely!

PR is great to shape and build your spa’s professional reputation as well as magnify your professional image. Seems simple – but where do you start? Here are two easy ways in which to gain PR and some tips on how to utilize them.

1.) Press Releases

To write a great Spa Press Release, keep the following points in mind:

  1. You want to answer who, what, where, why and when
  2. Have a great headline
  3. Keep it to one page
  4. Apply the traditional press release formatting
  5. Use the same template over and over

Tip: Create a directory list of all the local media outlets. Import the list into your email platform, so you can send your press release to all of them at once. Be consistent and write a medi spa press release every month introducing new spa products, specials and treatments!

2.) Press Kit

The Press Kit should include:

  1. A bio of key players in your business along with a company profile
  2. What sets your spa apart from every other salon/spa/medi spa in your area
  3. A copy of your spa menu
  4. Products you offer
  5. Your website address
  6. A recent article or your book
  7. A gift card

Tip: A Press Kit should give the media the opportunity to form a great opinion about your business. Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself in the Press Kit. In fact, we encourage it!


Need help writing Press Releases? Listen to the CoachMe! Gold Module here.

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