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Opening, Marketing, & Operating A Medi Spa

As a spa consulting firm, we come across many spa entrepreneurs who feel they can do it all, only to find out that there is an easier way. Save yourself a lot of time and money by obtaining a successful A to Z business model, the blueprint to ensure success! No need to reinvent the wheel! InSPAration Management offers the Happy Pro Solution Business Model.

The Happy Pro Solution includes guidelines for every aspect of your business, from financial, operational, marketing, teambuilding and more. The model includes departmental manuals with easy step by step implementation systems, structure, and even team scripts; everything you need to launch or reposition your current medi spa!

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Medi Spa Financial Planning / Phase I +

– Determine Medi Spa Capacity and Goals
– Establish a Medi Spa Budget
– Align Financial Ratios
– Develop a Performance-based Compensation Model

– Create and Design the Medi Spa Menu
– Plan and Design Website
– Set-up Social Media Sites
– Develop a Marketing Plan
– Create Marketing Campaigns

– Team Assessments: S.W.O.T. Analysis
– Organizational Structure: Determine Human Capital Levels
– HR Tools (Position Descriptions, Commitment Agreement, Employment Agreement, Employee Manual, etc.)
– Recruit, Interview, Hire: Implement The C.L.A.R.I.T.I. Hiring System
– Team Expectations and Performance Measures
– Establish Team Image
– Team Licensing Requirements
– Orientation Document
– Departmental Training Manuals

– Equipment: Analysis
– Software: Reservation, Reporting, and Inventory Management System
– Legal Documentation: Licenses, Insurance, Agreements
– Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment: FF&E
– Operating Supplies and Equipment: OS&E
– Spa Ambiance: Visual Merchandising Tools
– Designated Retail Space
– Consultation Suite and Tools
– Spa Décor and Image

– Attend LEAP Ahead 3-day Spa Leader Training
– Financial Reports and Accountability
– Marketing Plan with an Annual Calendar
– Team Building with C.L.A.R.I.T.I.
– Operational: Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Responsibilities
– Guest Experience: Satisfaction Rate
– Ongoing Happy Pro Systems Model Training – Including CoachMe Gold CDs and Success Library (LEAP Ahead Training Manual is provided)
– Consultation Suite and Tools
– Spa Décor and Image

– Software: Reservation and Reporting
– Inventory Management: Pricing
– Menu: P.R.I.D.E.
– The 3 Cs: Call Management, Check-in, Check-out
– Merchandising/Retail Display
– Marketing Strategies
– Promotion Displays
– Sales: Memberships, Gift Cards, etc.(Department Manual is provided)

– Position Description
– Technical: Treatment Techniques, Protocols, Rituals Skills
– Guest Experience: Image, Retention, Satisfaction
– Business Development: Career Path, Revenue/Sales, and Success
– Marketing Skills
– Expectations: Performance Targets and Measures (Department Manual is provided)

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