Six Spa Website Alerts

Discover 6 Key Factors to get the most out of your spa’s websiteSpa Website Alerts

Here are six key questions to help you identify improvements to make your website more effective:


1. Is your website more than just an online brochure?
Many people make the mistake of simply creating a website that is nothing more than an online company brochure. If consumers happen to stumble on it, they may stay less than 1 minute, then leave with no desire to ever come back. These types of sites kill your online efforts. They lack engagement and communication. All they talk about is “our this” and “our that.”

2. Is your website engaging your visitors?
Many websites we visit don’t give consumers the opportunity to begin building a relationship by engaging them as soon as they arrive on the home page. They lack rich content and conversation starters.

3. Is your website helping build your client list?
Rarely do I see a spa website home page that captures people’s information. This is a key tool that will help build your client list and expand your database. How many ways do you have on your home page to capture your visitor’s information and build your list?

4. Is your website copy capturing visitors’ attention?
Is your copy clear and focused on benefits? In most cases, spa website content lacks a call to action or complimentary offers to entice your visitors to opt-in your list. Are you sharing information that is important to your visitors? Are you helping them solve their problems and challenges?

5. Is your website generating revenue?
Large sums of revenue can be generated from your website, if marketed properly. Selling gift cards and products online is a great revenue source to increase your overall profits. Make the shopping experience super special and user-friendly.

6. Do you track and measure your website visits?
Google Analytics is a free service you can sign up for to see how much traffic you receive on your website and how long people are staying once they visit your page. Tracking your performance is the key to knowing why you need to make changes. Take the time to review how well your website is performing and make it better!!

Use the six questions as a guide to develop your website.  Answer the key questions to help you identify improvements so your website can be a more effective, revenue-generating tool.


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