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Marketing is one of the most crucial components to any business’ success!

Operating under the old adage “build it and they will come” is no longer a valid business option. With today’s competitive market, a detailed marketing plan is the strategy to ensure and sustain your success!

InSPAration Management’s marketing team provides the latest in marketing strategies. We help you develop your image, design your website and menu, plan your marketing annual calendar, create your marketing material, and more.

We help you implement a 15-step marketing for success structure to ensure your medi spa is operating at its capacity.

1. Marketing Goals and Targets
2. Spa Marketing S.W.O.T. Analysis
3. Marketing Structure
4. Establishing the Medi Spa’s Identity and Brand
5. Identifying Target Market
6. Marketing Mix Options – Low, Medium, and High Cost Mix (tap into over 50 economical marketing strategies)
7. Assigning a Marketing Budget to Each Mix
8. Developing Marketing Material
9. Marketing Golden Rules
10. Media and PR Strategies
11. Annual Marketing Calendar and Opportunities
12. Annual Marketing Plan
13. Testing, Tracking, and Measuring My Marketing Efforts
14. Client Relation Management System
15. Ensuring your Success

We invite you to start by taking a complimentary Marketing Assessment to measure your current efforts. Take the assessment now!

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