Lost and Found at the Spa


I was visiting my parents and someone who does car detailing came knocking on the door asking me if I was interested in getting my car detailed. I thought, “Yes, I need it done,” so I agreed to his price and a few hours later my car looked brand new again. He did a great job! I was so happy! A few months passed and I was teaching a seminar. I always have attendees in my car, so I thought it would be great to detail my car again. I looked everywhere for his card but could not find it. That led me to think about why he did not bother to contact me again. So, what does this story have to do with reactivating lost spa clients? Everything!!!

Many times we think that clients do not come back because they did not like us. But that is not usually true! You see, we all have very busy lives. We run here and there. We attend this and that, and unless we are reminded of things, you know the saying, “out of sight, out of mind.”

Your clients may not be coming back because you probably did not contact them or reach out to invite them back. Here are a couple of strategies you can implement to help you find your lost clients and increase your revenue.

There is a term in business called “attrition.” Attrition refers to the percentage of clients you lose or those who become inactive.

Normally, spa leaders write off missing clients as lost clients or don’t even track attrition rate. But you shouldn’t… Those clients are not lost, they’re inactive! It’s up to you to reactivate them to get them to re-visit your spa and salon on a regular basis.

As a spa entrepreneur, this is an important task to focus on. It’s a fact: It costs more time and money to generate a new client than to bring back an old one.

Statistics show that over 55% of inactive clients become active again if they are contacted again! 55%! That’s 5+ out of 10 lost clients would come back to your spa if you just reach out to them.

Strategy to turn inactive clients from lost to found:
1. Personalized email
2. Send them a Newsletter
3. A direct mail campaign
4. An invitation to an event
5. A de-stress recipe card
6. A Gift for You! campaign
7. Enter to Win

Cutting your attrition by 20% is just like adding 20% to your bottom line. Why go outside if you don’t first maximize what’s inside?


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