Is Your Med Spa Extraordinary vs. Ordinary

Happy Thanksgiving

November is the month that many people focus more on giving and thanking than other months of the year. Sometimes we get caught up “being busy” and it takes the Thanksgiving Holiday to make us stop. The holidays show us how grateful and thankful we are for our lives and our nation.

We are so fortunate to be living in the land of opportunities, millions of people from around the world would love to be given the opportunity to move to America, we see this daily.

As humans no matter where we live, we can live life to the fullest, make a positive impact and succeed in all aspects of life. Or we can make excuses; simply exist every day, going through the motions and living a mediocre life. The choice is ours to make.

It’s what I call the Ordinary vs. Extraordinary Syndrome.

Extraordinary, is when a person goes beyond what is expected or usual, its being phenomenal, unique, unusual, rare, uncommon, special, exceptional, amazing, always going the extra mile. Usually, extraordinary people are successful at all levels, not only financially.

Ordinary, is when a person does just enough, settle for common, normal, typical, unexceptional, vanilla.

Being extraordinary and/or ordinary is a choice people make daily. The world is made up of both but my mission is to help people be extraordinary.

Here are the facts. We are all born with the same body parts. We are all humans, and we look alike on the outside. We all have a head, a body, etc. But we are all different on the inside.

A person’s inner self, mind, imagination, characteristics, habits, and discipline is what determines if someone is ordinary or extraordinary.

What about you? Would you say you are extraordinary or ordinary? Here are a few characteristics to help you assess your EXTRA-Ordinary level.

1. Dreaming Big or Small?

Dreaming Big

I was listening to Oprah the other morning while I was getting ready for work, and she was speaking about her childhood, where she lived on the farm, poor, with her grandma who hoped that Oprah could grow up to be a maid like her and her mom. But Oprah had other dreams; she did not want that life and the rest is history. For years Oprah has made a big difference in people’s lives. She took “extraordinary” to a whole new level.

2. Are you dreaming big?
Or is small thinking keeping you down?

Shelby Miller Aesthetic Injector

Okay you may be thinking, “but I am not Oprah.” You don’t have to be Oprah to be extraordinary. There are many extraordinary people in the medical spa industry.

I remember when I first met Shelby Miller. I was speaking at a conference; she was still working in a medical spa then. We spoke about her leaving and starting her own business. She had a vision and a big dream. Fast forward a few years, Shelby is an entrepreneur, she opened her medical spa in the middle of the pandemic. She has a thriving business with a team of experts helping her! Shelby is very ExtraOrdinary! If she can do it, so can anyone else. You have to start with a big dream and be extraordinary!

Follow Shelby on her Instagram Aesthetic_Injector or go to

3. Commitment and Consistency

Dr. Lonny Green

Being extraordinary is not something you do part-time. It takes a commitment to the dream, and consistency no matter what. No one was more committed to his vision than Steve Jobs. He wanted to change the computer, the way we listened to music, the phone… Even though he had many obstacles to overcome he never stopped being Extraordinary and he expected the people around him to be also.

He did not give up, even after he got fired from his own company, he went on to do even greater things.

There are many committed physicians who made the leap from medical practice to medical spa. One of my favorite success stories is mastermind member Dr. Lonny Green founder of Rejuvenate MD and his team located in Virginia. Sure, the beginning was challenging but now they are on track to generate over $5 million in revenue this year and are making a big impact in their community. He is known-on Instagram as the Aesthetic Ninja and his med spa is in process of expanding to help more people look and feel great!

Commitment and consistency work both ways; either be ordinary or extraordinary, make the choice to be extraordinary, the rewards are worth it!

4. Lifetime Learner not Watcher

Recipes for Success Medspa Team Business Training

Many studies have been published as to how much the wealthiest people, the extraordinary people in the world read. Warren Buffet reads 600 pages a day. Bill Gates reads 50 books a year and the list goes on…many more say that they read at least two books per month. I am one of those people who is always reading and listening to great content.

On the other hand, ordinary people watch a lot of TV, scroll social media platforms, and watch Netflix. An average person watches 5 hours of TV per day. Just imagine if they reduce it by one hour and read something instead, we would have a lot more extraordinary people around.

Remember the more you learn, the more you earn. Extraordinary people are always striving to improve and to learn new things. They don’t stand still or waste time watching other people. I love the path some of the InSPAration Management mastermind members are taking. Many want to share their expertise by helping other professionals improve their skills and the industry reputation.

5. Leading Not Copying the Competition

There is no shortage of mediocrity in the medical spa industry. Everyone copies everyone. Let the competition be ordinary while you be extraordinary. Copying the competition will not get you ahead. You will be like everyone else. Only the top 5% of the population are extraordinary people. Make a choice to be one of them.

To be extraordinary as a business or a provider you must stop thinking about yourself and think of your clients, your consumers, and how you can make their lives better through your experience and expertise. This will help differentiate you from the competition and attract great consumers to you who are willing to pay more for the same thing.

Afterall remember: The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. — Jimmy Johnson

Don’t copy what others do, chart your own path instead!

6. Love and Gratitude

Love and Gratitude

Extraordinary people are full of love and gratitude. They are focused on helping others and forgetting about their ego. They give unconditional love to everyone they come in touch with, and they don’t judge others; they make everyone feel special and grateful for who they are.

Most extraordinary people keep a journal with all the things that they are grateful for and how they make a difference in people’s lives. If you don’t have one, now is a good time to start.

Extraordinary people love everything about life. Wayne Dyer said “you can’t give what you don’t have”. That is why if you want people to love you, you have to have love in you first and then you are able to give love away … give away love, and it will come streaming into your life.

Fill your heart with love and gratitude and everyone will notice how extraordinary you are!

Make a commitment to be extraordinary and watch your life change for the better!

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