Integrative medicine – not your typical medi–spa

What do you think of when someone mentions medi-spa?

Botox, laser hair removal, peels, etc. Last week, I helped Dr. Harracksingh open up a different kind of medi-spa; one that focuses on healing, wellness, and life balance. Dr. Harracksingh is an OBGYN with a very successful practice in Yorktown Heights, NY. A few years ago, she developed a passion to help her patients beyond delivering their babies. She decided to study integrative medicine.

Her medi-spa program focuses on healthy eating, acupuncture, meditation, massage, supplement, and overall health/wellness. Dr. Harracksingh hired InSPAration Management to help her plan and set up the entire spa from A to Z.

We ordered all the equipment and furniture, decorated, set up all the merchandising, developed the spa program and marketing strategies. She had her vision and we made it a reality.

I believe that this type of Medi-spa is gaining popularity and today’s consumers are seeking the greener path to health and wellness. From treating obesity, to menopause, to stress reduction, etc,. What do you think? Do you have an integrative medi-spa? Do you work in one? If so, what type of treatments and programs do you offer? What are the most popular treatments? Let us know. We would love to hear your opinion about integrative medicine and its role within the medi-spa segment of the spa industry.

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