InSPAration Moments • Featured Article – February 2020

Fall in Love with Change or Vanish

Last month’s featured article was about assessing your medical spa and/or spa business and reflecting on the previous year. This month, I want to ask you: how many changes did you make last year in your medi spa business? What improvements did you implement? If you are like many people I know, most fight change. Not only leaders, but also teams. Most tend to get very comfortable doing the same thing and don’t see the need to change. That is the danger zone. If you are here now, you better snap out of it.

Let’s look at two major companies: Sears and Kmart. These companies did not change. They got stuck doing the same thing over and over and look where they are now. Poof, gone! Sears should have been Amazon. They had the catalogue market for many years but instead of innovating and taking their catalogue online they were stuck. They fought change. They got swallowed up and vanished. Same with Kmart. Walmart and Target came into the picture and took their market share. Why? Because Sears and Kmart did not change.

You might be thinking: ok, but I am not Sears or Kmart. It does not matter. The point here is that competition is fierce. If you don’t keep innovating, changing and improving your processes, guest experience and results, someone else will take your market share and you will be left out in the cold.

Common reaction to change:

  1. Denial – We’ve always done it this way
  2. Resistance – We’ve tried that, and it did not work
  3. Anger – Everything is good; we don’t need to change anything
  4. Indifference – It’s too much work, just keep everything the same
  5. Acceptance – Open to change and improvements

Number five is what we all look for!

Easy steps to Fall in Love with Change:

  1. Identify the positive change and the impact it will have on the spa team.
  2. Show what is in it for them – Discuss it, highlight the benefits.
  3. Communicate the change – Keep the lines of communication open before, during and after the change as on-the-fly changes may be needed.
  4. Educate on how to implement the change.
  5. Provide training, and roleplay the change until it becomes a habit.
  6. Be flexible – Give it some time.
  7. Manage pushback. Keep in mind that these types of feelings are normal as people generally do not enjoy change and are sometimes made nervous by it. You will likely encounter pushback and resistance by a number of medi spa team members. Provide facts and data to show why the change is happening and reassure them the need and benefits of the change. These types of individuals are best suited to be educated about the change with information.

Business principles you may need to change and to elevate your success:

Sharing the Results and Benefits

In order to sustain the impact of a change, it is important for everyone who is involved in the process to know what results are occurring.
Ongoing feedback is needed from all employees.

Always be changing for the better.

Success Story About

The Spa at Aestique Team!

I met Dr. Lazzaro, a leading plastic surgeon, his wife, Linda, and daughter, Briana, three years ago. They reached out to us because they knew they needed to change. Dr. Lazzaro was tired of the medi spa not supporting itself, yet alone making money. They knew they needed to change. A complete transformation was implemented! Was it hard? Yes, but worth every effort. Here are their annual growth rate over last year.

Imagine increasing your business by the following!

Service Revenue Up 78.60%
Retail Revenue Up 83.41%
Membership Sales Up 108.70%

I’m so proud of their entire team!!

Do you see why you need change? You too can experience exponential growth in 2020. It’s all about Falling in Love with Change and implementation.
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