How to Get Motivated and Stay Focused

Many people find it difficult to get motivated, and staying motivated is a whole different story. Motivation is what gives successful people the ability to keep striving and moving forward with their goals and targets. So how do successful people keep themselves motivated? Motivation needs to stem from an internal drive to succeed. Motivation thrives on positive thoughts, focus, and momentum.

Here are three important strategies to help you stay motivated and reach a higher level of success:

1. Stay Focused
Boost Your Confidence
Ask for Direction

Stay Focused

Staying focused is easy if you have solid, well-defined goals. Make it a habit to put your spa goals in writing, and read them whenever possible. This makes it easier to stay focused. If you don’t have clear, specific and measurable goals in writing, you will find it difficult to keep your goals alive. Stay on track, remember your desired end result, and watch yourself succeed!

Boost Your Confidence

Not having enough confidence can be a huge obstacle. In order to boost your confidence, don’t dwell on your past failures, and don’t try to figure out why things didn’t work out in the past. This way of thinking can totally kill your confidence. Instead, think of all the positive things you have achieved in the past. Don’t make excuses as to why something isn’t going to work before it even happens. Rather, focus on all the reasons you know it will work out! Make a list of all your strengths, and base your confidence on those. The mind is a very powerful thing, and your way of thinking can either help improve or diminish your confidence levels. Be mindful of your thoughts. Replace fear and lack of confidence with strong, ‘can-do’ thoughts and you will surely accomplish great things in your spa business.

Ask for Direction

One major reason that people lose motivation is that they aren’t asking for direction. Sometimes we need a map or a blueprint to tell us where to go. Otherwise, we could end up lost, frustrated, depressed, or down in a slump, all of which kills motivation! This is an awful cycle and it can be avoided by simply asking for direction. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel — there are plenty of resources available to help you run and operate a successful spa business. We all need someone to point us in the right direction from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help! The simple fact is, the more we accomplish, the more motivated we are.

My advice to you if you want to stay motivated and focused is to do the following:
a. Set your goals in writing
b. Know your strengths
c. Hire a coach to help you with direction
d. Keep learning

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We would love to hear from you! Leave us a comment and tell us about your experiences with motivation and success!

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