How Can You Help Nurse Practitioners Transition into Med Spa?



“How Can You Help Nurse Practitioners Transition into Med Spa?”

Hi there. I’m Dori Soukup, founder of InSPAration Management, with another question of the week.

This week’s question is from Oliver, from Texas. Oliver asks: “I’m a nurse practitioner thinking about opening my own boutique spa/med spa. Have you seen others make this transition successfully? And, if so, how can you help me?”

That’s a very good question. Thank you so much for asking it, Oliver. Yes, that’s a big shift. During last month’s InSPAration Moments, I spoke about some of the industry trends that are happening. One of them is exactly what you’re talking about.

A lot of medical professionals, not only nurse practitioners, but also nurses and PhDs, they currently are doing injectables. Now they’re deciding maybe they want to go on their own. This is a really soft subject for me, because I work with owners and with individuals like you. So, you have to be very careful when you’re making a transition like this.

First of all, you don’t want to leave the owner just hanging, right? Because they’ve invested in you all this time, you’ve built a clientele. I don’t feel it’s very ethical to go and start your own business. I hope that you would be very open about it and that you would discuss it with the owner and see what would be the best way to exit.

Maybe you can come up with an exit strategy together. I’ve seen so many people do it the wrong way. That’s the last thing you want to do, because you know what? What goes around comes around.

You have to be very, very ethical. You have to be very careful on how you make this transition. I wouldn’t be open about it. Then if you really want to go out on your own, it takes some planning. It’s not as easy as you think.

Some people think, “Oh, I can just go open up and make all this money that I’m generating for the owner now.” But, you know what? There’s a lot of costs for operating a business. A lot of people don’t understand what all these costs are and the fact that it’s not like they’re making all that money, and they don’t want to pay you or they don’t want you to be successful.

I want you to be very aware that it does take a lot of planning to open up your own business. That’s my advice to you. If you want to do that transition, then you better have a business plan.

You should go and watch a webinar that I did. It’s called Ten Myths & Realities – Mistakes To Avoid When Opening a Medical Spa. It’s a great webinar for you to go and check out. You’ll be able to find that on, under free webinars and free inSPAration. Go and watch it, that way you know what you’re getting into.

Then the other thing you want to make sure you have before you move is a business plan. You want to make sure you have funding and that you have enough money to keep you going while you’re making this transition to make sure that you are successful.

There’s a lot of different things that you need to do. Now we have a lot of individuals who are working just for medical practices who want to make that transition. If that’s the case, I would be super-excited for you to make that transition because you’re not leaving anybody behind. You’re just starting new with your own business.

Either way, we can definitely help you. I don’t want you to reinvent the wheel. I want you to do things right and make sure you plan them effectively. Please, do not burn any bridges. Be very careful and be ethical because again, you want to leave on a good note. You have a good positive karma that will follow you around and make sure that you’re successful. I believe in that. I’m sure you do as well.

I hope that answered your question. Call us set up a private coaching call and I’ll be more than happy to help you more.

Hope that answered your question. If you do have a question, make sure you email it to so we can give you the answers that you’re looking for.

Until next time, stay inspired!

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