Generate Leads with B.E.F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


As I consult with spa owners, the one thing I often find missing is a lead generation strategy and the lack of focus on lead generation and nurturing leads. How about you? Do you have a strategy to lead traffic to the spa and cause the phone to ring?

In this article, I am going to share with you key points from the CD, Build Your List, where I share the B.E.F.R.I.E.N.D.S. system.

Here’s what the B.E.F.R.I.E.N.D.S. acronym stands for. I will go over each letter to help you build a great prospect list so you can increase traffic and revenue.

The B is Building Your List.

  • You will need to start by assessing where you are now, and set new goals.
  • Calculate the number of new clients you generated last year.
  • How many leads did you generate?
  • At what space capacity are you operating?

Once you know these numbers, you can determine your new goals for building your list. You will need to know how many leads you need to generate monthly, how many you will need to convert into clients, and how much you can increase your capacity. You have to set your goals, and plan a way to accomplish them.

The E is Essential Management Tools.
To build your list, you need tools to be successful with Lead Generation:

  1. A Responsive Website –
  2. Software System
  3. Email Platform System

The F is Finding Your Target Market.
It’s not just important to have a list. You want to have a list of a specific target market. Do you know your target market? Here is a simple way to identify it: run a report of the top 20% of your clients. Identify what they have in common within their demographics and psychographics, and then focus on targeting others with the same profile. (We are teaching a very sophisticated way to identify your target using Facebook Analytics in the New CoachMe Gold Series, Genius Spa Marketing and Sales Strategies)

The R is Rewards for Double Opt-in.
Today, consumers are searching online for things they are interested in. Therefore, we need to have strategies to capture their attention, and get them to opt-in. You must entice them and reward them for opting in. This is the beginning of the process of building trust and acquiring a great relationship.

The I is Identifying Where to Generate Leads.
In the Build your Spa List CD, I present 25 different ways to generate qualified spa leads. You can attend events and get everyone to register to win a great package. You can do a Facebook campaign. You can create a stress assessment to be taken on your website, and then enable visitors to download a wellness report, etc. These are ways for you to provide content and information to prospects so they will opt-in and become a lead.

The E is Engaging Through Automated Sequencing.
Sequences are a series of emails you can implement to help establish trust and relations with the prospect. This can be set up with your email platform and put on autopilot.

The N is New Irresistible Offers.
Once you establish trust and relations, you will need to make irresistible offers so they can visit you at the spa or medical spa. You need a great call-to-action to convert them into a client.

The D is Developing Relationships.
The goal is to convert a first-time visitor into a lifetime client. This is accomplished by delivering a great guest experience, providing value, and delivering results.

The S is Sustainable Growth.
To have sustainable growth, we recommend launching a membership and loyalty program.

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