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What is your list-building strategy and how do you generate leads?Spa BusinessMost spa owners cover the basics. They have a website, host events, advertise a little, participate in social media, and a little of this and that. Many still operate under the old adage, “Build it and they will come”.If your spa business is not growing, you’ll need to assess your lead generation efforts. Determine how many new guests you are obtaining daily, weekly and monthly. This will be your indication as to how well you are doing with lead generation and your efforts to grow the business. Spa business growth starts with lead generation.

Know the cycle used to generate and build your list:- Utilize marketing efforts to attract leads
– Include an exclusive offer to entice them to opt-in to your list
– Begin communication
– Make an offer to turn them into a guest
– Wow them so they can become a lifetime client

People often ask me, “What is the easiest way to build a list?”

Here are some examples of how to entice people to opt in:

– Create a report that will be of interest to your target market, maybe include an example of what you mean by a report
– Give them the opportunity to download a “How to Stay Healthy and Beautiful” audio.
– Offer your target market a recipe for weight management.

This is a must. If you don’t have something to entice people to opt-in, you will never have the chance to get them on your list or begin building.

Once they opt-in, it’s time to begin communicating with them and work toward converting them into guests. You must set up automated sequences to begin building a relationship.

Here are a few examples on where to generate leads

– Your website is one of the most economical places to generate leads
– Joint ventures with another business is one of the best and fastest ways to generate leads
– Direct mail. Use the post office EDDM. Focus on taking an offline marketing campaign and turning it into an online lead.

Another key component of growing your business is building relationships. When you build relationships, the clients will stay with you longer and spend more money.

The best way to build relationships is by providing valuable communication, benefits, value, respect, and trust. If your entire relationship is based on those values, you will have high-quality, long-lasting relationships.

Implementing and maintaining an e-zine is one of the best ways to build relationships.

We have several products to help with your e-zine, including the Ready-To-Go e-zine and Done For Me Marketing.

The e-zine plays a big role in lead generation. It has many benefits, including:

– Have other businesses send it out on your behalf so people can subscribe to it
– Send it out to new leads who opt-in to help position you as an expert
– Archive it on your website for better SEO positioning
– Inform your contact list of your promotions
– Add value and maintain an open line of communication between you and your target audience.

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