5 Steps to Help You Build Your Spa DREAM TEAM

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One of the biggest challenges spa leaders are faced with is team issues. We hear so many complaints about lack of motivation, dedication, bad attitudes, not going the extra mile, wanting everything delivered on a silver platter and so on… Does this sound familiar? Yes, but how can we change it? How can we build a DREAM TEAM?

Building a high performance team starts with the hiring process. The problem we often encounter is that most people hire fast and fire slow. It should be the opposite. You need to hire slow and fire fast.

Here are 5 Steps to Help Build Your DREAM TEAM:

1. Recruiting Mission
Finding the right fit takes time. You can’t wait for people to come to you. You need to go on a recruiting mission, just like they do in sports. You need to keep your eyes open for talented people. Don’t wait until you need people to start looking. You need to be looking all the time and have people in your pipeline. Looking for people when you need them is too late! You end up hiring the wrong person just to fill a position.

2. Interview Process
Go beyond a gut feeling. Don’t hire someone because you like them; that’s not enough. You need to go through a complete interview process. You want to make it difficult to get a job with your company.

3. Position Description
The biggest mistake we see is that most spas do not have a detailed position description to give the candidate for a clear outline of what the position is all about and what is expected. For example, “retail sales” is a big issue for most of you. Yet, it’s rarely discussed in the interview process. You wait until you hire them and then you say “I want you to do this and that.” It is too late at that point, and that’s when all the problems begin. You need to outline all responsibilities upfront. This step greatly reduces post hiring problems.

4. Commitment Agreement
This is one of my favorite steps of the hiring process. Once you make the position offer, you need to present a commitment agreement outlining all the points that drive you crazy now and get them to sign off on it. In the agreement, you should put what you expect from them and what they can expect from you. This is not a legal document. It’s just an internal professional to professional agreement giving clarity to both of you.

5. Training and Development
Now that you have hired your new team member, it’s your responsibility to set them up for success and that requires training. What kind of training do you offer your new hires? Do you have training manuals to help you? Your training program should focus on developing their technical and business skills.

Implement these 5 steps to build your spa DREAM TEAM!


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