Dr. Daniel Crisafi is the clinical director of pH Santé Beauté and an international speaker and author. Dr. Crisafi was recognized for his humanitarian work in promoting good health by the Canadian Natural Health Society. He also was inducted into the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) Hall of Fame. Dr. Crisafi holds a Master's degree in science, a Master Herbalist diploma, a Doctorate in naturopathy, a Certificate in homotoxicology and a PhD in nutrition (specialization in nutritional biochemistry). Join us and Discover:

  • Wellness statistics
  • The most common wellness challenges consumers face
  • Type of wellness programs you can offer to help them
  • Products you can recommend
  • Results you can achieve
  • Their success and yours


  • Podcast Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Podcast Topic : Importance Of Offering Wellness Programs In Your Spa

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