6 Steps To Help You Plan & Host A Successful Event For Your Medical Aesthetics

As we navigate through vaccines and loosening restrictions regarding the Coronavirus, many medical aesthetic practices and spas are eager to begin hosting live events! It’s probably been a while since you’ve hosted live events. In this article you will learn 6 Steps to Help you Plan and Host a Successful Event.

Pre-Covid, many Insparation Management members would host events and generate anywhere between $50k to $250k per event. Now it’s time to get back to hosting profitable events again. To have this type of success, it takes strategic planning and efforts of the entire team! The following six steps will help you plan and achieve success!

Step One: Mindset and Events

Think six-figure medical aesthetic and medi spa events

There are many benefits to hosting events such as attracting new clients, reactivating and engaging clients, generating community buzz, increasing exposure, improving positioning, and generating revenue. Hosting events is an important marketing strategy, and I encourage you to do them!

There are many different types of medical spa events you can host. One of my favorites is having a fun theme party in the evening from 5-8 p.m. Events like this are proven to be very successful. Many of our clients generate six figures from these events. You can also host daylong events where clients actually reserve certain treatments – or you can host events like lunch and learns, breakfast and Botox, and the list goes on… The important point here is to host them. Sure, events require planning and effort, and some may say it’s a lot of work. When done properly, they are worth it!

Check your mindset regarding events and think big! Think six-figure events!

Step Two: Pre-event Planning Steps

Don’t rush your planning process. It takes about 45 days to plan a big event, and it takes 30 days to market it in order to have a good show rate and achieve great results.

Planning begins with a purpose. Decide: the reason you are hosting this event, how guests would benefit from attending, what they would gain, learn, enjoy and purchase, and what you would offer them. Make sure your offer is irresistible and create urgency by making it valid for the event only. Before you create the offer you must answer these questions.

After this, you can decide on a theme for the event. The theme will increase your show rate so choose a good one!

Luxx Medical Aesthetics InSPAration Marketing Materials

Next, map out the medspa event structure and flow. This is important to plan so your spa team members know exactly what they need to do to make the most of the guest experience. You will also need to decide which demonstrations and models you will use to help feature your treatments and your offers.

Now that you know the theme, the offer, the structure, and the flow, it’s time to create all the event marketing material needed to invite people – as well as the medical aesthetics marketing material for the event!

Giveaways are a great way to create excitement. Ask your vendors for donations, which should include items for your swag bags.

Note: When you are in the planning process, make sure team members are fully aware of the goals and their roles to help attain them. Host training meetings to help them learn – as they role play the presentations and the approach to be most productive, they will deliver a great experience.

Step Three: Event Day Preparation

On the event day, everything should be ready. All you need to do is set up your place. Begin by hosting a team meeting and assign responsibilities for everyone to help with the set up. Go over the flow, structure, goals and guest experience you want to deliver.

Also, touch base with all the vendors, food and beverage, music, and photographer – the entire team needed to pull off a great event!

Everything should be ready: the registration table, all the stations, grand prizes and drawings, the demonstration rooms, product placement, sales tools, and your team members’ roles. This way when the clock strikes the hour you will be ready to rock and roll!

Step Four: The Event

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Its show time. Let the fun begin! All your efforts are now ready to pay off!

Create engagement and make it fun from the moment your guests walk in until the minute they walk out!

Your responsibility as a team leader is to mingle, make sure everyone is having a good time and your guests are taking you up on your offers! Make sure your team members are doing their part and everyone is excited and happy to be there!

The giveaways should be done every 15 to 20 minutes. The grand prize should be given toward the end of the evening!

Keep an eye on the ball and direct the event in a fun and productive manner!

Step Five: Measuring the Results

The Ideal Financial Blueprint For Managing Your Medical Aesthetic/Medi Spa Budget

The most important thing to measure is guest experience and productivity. How much revenue did you generate? The best way to measure is by monitoring revenue per attendee.

Calculate your total revenue and then divide it by the number of attendees. That will give you the revenue per attendee.

Example: Revenue – $100k divided by 50 guests = $2,000 per guest.

Then compare this amount to the goal you set. Did you hit your goal, exceed it, or come in below it?

After your event, reflect on your outcome and host a meeting with your team to get feedback and input about what could be improved for your next event!

Step Six: Post-Event Marketing

This step is often missing from your efforts. There are several marketing strategies you can use to increase your ability to generate more revenue.

First, identify any new guests who are not in your database and enter them in. Prepare an overview email highlighting the event; the winners, the demonstrations, people purchasing, testimonial clips, etc. Show how much fun it was, then ask readers if they missed it. Offer them a one-day chance to partake in the offers that were made during the event.

Your Step-by-Step Guide To Planning & Hosting Six-Figure Medical Aesthetic and MediSpa Events

This will help you generate more sales and entice them to attend your next event.

Marketing and sales are key principles you need to master hosting events. Your events can generate six figures when they are planned and hosted properly.

My team and I have created and perfected some great marketing tools to help you with event marketing. We also have a brand new step-by-step program to assist you with planning and hosting six-figure events.

We invite you to go and check it out!

Those of you who are medspa members can gain access to these marketing tools for free. If you are not a member you can still purchase them a la carte from insparationmanagement.com.

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