Secrets to Hosting Unique & Successful Virtual Events

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Have you been wondering…

How to host your holiday event
this year so you can engage
your clients & generate revenue?

Now Available On Demand

secrets to hosting unique and successful virtual events
As a business firm, we have been receiving hundreds of calls asking us what you should do. So we went to work and created a virtual platform for you to help you host very unique and profitable events.


  • Discover the Virtual Platform
  • How to be Unique and Engaging
  • Steps to Generate Revenue
  • Your Team’s Involvement
  • Launching Your Event
  • Ensuring Your Success!

This is your chance to finish the year off strong and march into 2021 with a great strategy to combat any business disruption.

You don’t want to miss this!

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Stephen Handisides

Founder of V-Unite and CEO of GVAS & MyFaceMyBody

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, the presenter and international model is no stranger to the beauty industry. He watched his father manage one of the biggest clothing stores for men in New Zealand, which inspired him to become an entrepreneur.

He is the No. 1 source of information for the latest in both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments. He educates in all matters related to cosmetic surgery, health, well-being and fitness. He also hosts his own TV show and Talk Living, a popular beauty myth-busting show in the UK.

Dori Soukup, Author of Medical Aesthetics Success

Dori Soukup

Founder of InSPAration Management

Dori Soukup is a global speaker, 4-time author, a seven-figure business advisor and a mastermind group leader. Dori is passionate about developing innovative, effective business models to assist medical spa leaders experience exponential growth and profits!

The past 20-years have led Dori to perfecting a business model to include the 4 S’s. Systems, Structure, Strategies, and Solutions, which equal to the fifth S which is Success. By implementing the 4 S’s professionals can operate their business on autopilot, have a recurring revenue model, increase profits, gain more freedom, reduce stress, and live a great lifestyle!

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