A Complimentary Webinar

We are hosting a special event to help your medical spa team go from order takers to revenue generators.

If your bottom line is deflated and you’re working hard but
you are not seeing much profit, you’ll want to join us!

Mark your calendar.

October 4th @ 3pm Est

Here is some of what you’ll discover:

  1. Overcoming mindset obstacles of being order takers
  2. Positioning your consultation for success
  3. Presentation material needed
  4. Promoting high-ticket programs with the S.A.C.R.E.D. System

It’s time to…

  • convert your team from being order takers to revenue generators.
  • promote high-ticket programs that produce real results
  • get paid your true worth!
  • train your team on the S.A.C.R.E.D. system and elevate your success!

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Dori Soukup

Founder of InSPAration Management

Dori Soukup is a global speaker, 4-time author, a seven-figure business advisor and a mastermind group leader. Dori is passionate about developing innovative, effective business models to assist medical spa leaders experience exponential growth and profits!

The past 20-years have led Dori to perfecting a business model to include the 4 S’s. Systems, Structure, Strategies, and Solutions, which equal to the fifth S which is Success. By implementing the 4 S’s professionals can operate their business on autopilot, have a recurring revenue model, increase profits, gain more freedom, reduce stress, and live a great lifestyle!

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