Medical Spa Laws & Compliance

How Legal Is Your Business?

Discover 10 Ways To Keep Your Medical Spa In Compliance

Are you looking for all the legal forms needed for your medical spa?

No need to reinvent the wheel. We have all the consent forms, protocols, HIPA and OSHA rules and guidelines needed to be in compliance with the law. It’s all available on a USB and delivered in word documents for you to customize and implement.

You will receive hundreds of forms to help protect your business and provide you with legal protection:
  1. Patient Packet
  2. Consent Documents
  3. Pre- And Post-Treatment Instructions
  4. Manufacturer’s Product Information
  5. Standard Policies/Infection Control/Office Safety Policy
  6. Laser Safety Manual Standard Operating Procedures For Allied Health Care Professionals
  7. Quality Assurance Documents

Attorney Allyson Avila

All material is written by attorney Ms. Avila. She is one of only a few attorneys in the nation who has intimate knowledge of the aesthetic industry and the nuances of medical spa formation, licensing, and compliance with state and federal laws. Ms. Avila envisions, constructs, and executes legal and regulatory strategies that drive business results. A strong relationship and alliance builder, she understands the importance of agreement and collaboration to help ensure that workable strategies are designed in a way that most effectively addresses the unique needs of each client to meet her client’s business objectives.
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