Improve Your Positioning & Raise Your Prices

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When first meeting new clients we always look at their pricing and their discounting and often we notice that they are depleting their profit line. Why? Because they compete on price instead of expertise.

Improve your Positioning and Raise your Prices!

Discover How To:

  1. Become an influencer

  2. Compete on expertise

  3. Raise your prices

  4. Earn your true worth

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How to make millions with your medical spa by Dori Soukup

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How to Make Millions with Your Medical Spa

Complimentary Webinar

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Dori Soukup

Founder of InSPAration Management

Dori Soukup is a global speaker, 3-time author, a seven-figure business advisor and a mastermind group leader. Dori is passionate about developing innovative, effective business models to assist medical spa leaders experience exponential growth and profits!

The past 20-years have led Dori to perfecting a business model to include the 4 S’s. Systems, Structure, Strategies, and Solutions, which equal to the fifth S which is Success. By implementing the 4 S’s professionals can operate their business on autopilot, have a recurring revenue model, increase profits, gain more freedom, reduce stress, and live a great lifestyle!

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