The Leader in You- 7 Steps to Enhance Your Leadership, Part 2

We’re back! In our last post, we discussed the first two steps to enhancing your leadership and making you a better role model for your spa team. Next, we’ll go over the next two steps concerning your team and clients that the best leaders should know and understand!


3. What Does My Team Need to Hear From Me?
One of the most important leadership skills is communication. Ask yourself, what if you were a team member and you had a leader like yourself, what would you think of this leader? Sometimes, how we see ourselves is not the same as what others see. Look in the mirror. Examine what messages you are sending to the team. Are you a positive leader? How well do you communicate your vision to your team? Think from your employees’ point of view — if they don’t feel understood, they won’t listen to you — Resist the urge to tell them how they “should” think or feel. Remember that inspiration comes from the heart!

4. As a Leader, Do You Know Your Clients’ Greatest Needs?
When was the last time you did a survey to rediscover your guests’ needs? Have you assessed your menu lately to see what treatments you need to stop offering and what new services you need to add to your menu? When was the last time you looked at guest comment cards? Get a focus group together and discover their pain/need… Then, offer solutions to address their specific concerns and watch your guest loyalty and success soar!

Stay tuned for the next two steps on enhancing your leadership next week!

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