10 Genius Marketing & Sales Strategies

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People always ask me, “How can I grow my business?  How can I make more money?” There are many things you can do to improve your business. You can practice Geometric Growth:

  1. Increase the frequency of your clients’ visits.
  2. Increase the volume of each transaction.
  3. Increase traffic.

The first two are easy to improve.

  1. How do we get clients to come back more often?

You can launch a membership and loyalty program to encourage people to come back more often.  Spa memberships and loyalty programs are ideal to increase retention and increase the lifetime value of a client.  Also, you can implement the S.A.C.R.E.D. system from the Success with Guest Consultation CD and begin customizing programs for your clients.  This practice will increase visit frequency and deliver better results for the clients and your spa business.

  1. How can you increase the Volume Per Guest?

You can implement the P.R.I.D.E. system from the Don’t Sell, Recommend CD and teach your team how to upgrade treatments and increase retail sales.  This will help you increase the VPG, the Volume Per Guest.  Set new VPG targets, and monitor and recognize the team for reaching their goals.  Keep coaching the team; role-play until they can deliver the system effortlessly.

  1. How can I increase traffic so I can improve my capacity?

This is the big one; it’s all about your marketing efforts.  This is the most difficult aspect of doing business properly and effectively for entrepreneurs.  Many attempt and even spend a fortune on tactics that don’t work.

Increasing traffic requires effective strategies:a. You must have a spa marketing plan – Many operate without a marketing plan. They wing it.  When you wing something, you get mediocre results.
b. You must have a coach to help you focus on what works.
c. Implementation. You can have the best ideas, but if you don’t implement, you have nothing.
d. Someone should be in charge of marketing. Or, outsource it.

Your Gifts!

5250639-2273x2760Your recipe to increase traffic and revenue!

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Increasing traffic is achievable! There are many spa marketing strategies you can implement that will help you.

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