As a School: You are responsible for developing and preparing spa professionals to enter the work force. Many schools do a great job preparing students in technical skills, but fall short with spa and salon business education. InSPAration Management developed a Success Library, designed to prepare students for business success!


What You Will Benefit

  • Position themselves as an Experts
  • Marketing Themselves and Their Services
  • Develop Leadership Skills
  • Recommend Home Care Products
  • Set Goals and Measure Performance
  • Understand Their Position Descriptions
  • Maximize Revenue Through Upgrading Treatment
  • Operate a Successful Spa and Salon
  • Retain Clients

Schools Are Able To Tap Into The Success Library Two Ways

1. Become an affiliate partner, selling the CDs and/or seminars to students, and earn revenue
2. Obtain licensing rights to utilize the training material and offer them as business curriculum within the school

As a Licensee, You Will Receive

  • Spa Business Training Material
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Transcripts
  • Tests
  • Certification
  • Workbooks

Train The Trainer Program

InSPAration Management trainers will train your instructors on how to deliver the spa business training material and license your school to deliver the content. For more information regarding the school partnerships, contact us at:

Charting a Successful Career Path

Are you looking for a JOB or a career? Entering the professional arena is a very competitive world. It takes strategic planning and proper self-positioning to gain the ideal position. This CD provides you with: *Interview Forms, *Strategies on How to Market Yourself, * Insight on What Leaders Are Looking For, and * Selecting the Right Position. It’s the ideal CD for anyone just graduating or changing careers!

Become An Affiliate

InSPAration Management provides proven effective Biztools to the spa and salon industry. We offer companies the ability to become affiliates giving them the opportunity to offer InSPAration Management products and tap into a new revenue stream.