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White Orchid Spa – Vero Beach, Fl

White Orchid Spa – Vero Beach, Fl

Investing in your spa team will equal success! Often we are asked, “How can we grow our business faster?” To grow is to train! Business training is one of the biggest missed components in most spas and medi spas. Leaders usually train their team on technical procedures, protocols, product knowledge but rarely do they include spa or medi spa business training curriculum.

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If you desire spa growth, the solution is to invest in training the team

How to maximize service revenue

How to increase retail sales, improve retention rate, cross market, ask for referrals etc.

Curriculum and business training manuals for guest relations departments

To help you implement effective business training we offer on-site training where a professional coach will visit your location and conduct custom training for your team.

On-Site training process

We will assess your training needs, discover your challenges and your goals.

We will customize a spa or medi spa training program for you and your team.

We will visit your location and conduct the training.

We arm you with implementation strategies to ensure success.

One of the most popular on-site trainings we conduct is the Fresh Start program!

The fresh start training includes

The dont sell, recommend seminar

Give yourself and your team a pay raise by implementing the “Don’t Sell, Recommend!” philosophy and P.R.I.D.E. system! This proven-effective educational program is guaranteed to elevate retail and treatment sales, while increasing your income.

It teaches spa professionals how to:

Recommend home care and treatments with PRIDE

Raise volume per guest

Deliver a complete spa guest experience leading to increased retention rate

Earn more money!

The personal transformation seminar

Are you looking to increase capacity? Personal Transformation will help your spa team improve their business skills!

They’ll discover how to:

  • Uniquely position themselves
  • Market spa services & products
  • Increase capacity
  • Raise retention rate
  • Build the business by asking for referrals
  • Increase overall spa revenue and income
The fresh start presentation

The Fresh Start Presentation is when we introduce a new performance-based compensation model to ensure a healthy business for you as well as motivate your team to improve the volume per guest for both service and retail sales. It also includes sharing your new direction, vision and mission you want to take and asking the team for recommendations.

Guest Relations Training

From order takers to revenue generators! Spa guest relations (receptionists) hold a very important position as the face of the spa and medi spa! Implementing this seminar content will transform this department into a revenue hub!

They will learn how to improve:

Call management

Call-to-reservation ratio

Multiple treatment sales

Maximize treatment reservation at check-in

Retail sales and future reservation rate at check-out

Department leads and implementation strategies

Spa business training is great but if it’s not implemented thoroughly you won’t have lasting benefits. Therefore, we meet with your department leads and management to help you implement measurement systems to monitor performance and make continuous improvements.

The Fresh Start training will totally transform your business and provide you with the foundation you need to set solid structure for sustainable growth!

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