July 2015-How to Create a Cash Flow Surge!

A note from Dori

Mom & Dad

June was a very sad month for my family and me. On June 17th, my mom moved on to heaven. She suffered from Dementia. We noticed her behavior changing about three years ago and in June, she decided it was time to move on to heaven. I loved my mom so much. She was the best mom! She raised 5 of us. She was a domestic engineer all of her life. We were her whole life. My mom and dad were married for 66 years. You don’t hear that very often. 🙂

For the last few years, I spent a lot of time with my mom and dad. I practically lived at their house whenever I was not traveling.  I am so glad I did!  I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are terrible diseases and they are affecting millions of people worldwide.  In fact, 1 in 3 seniors die from Alzheimer’s or Dementia. It’s now the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. With these types of statics, I am sure there are members of our community who have relatives or loved ones who also suffer from this terrible disease.

I am dedicating this issue to all of our loved ones and I want to raise money to help researchers find a cure so we can prolong the lives of the people we love.

By 2025, the number of people age 65 and older with Alzheimer’s disease is estimated to reach 7.1 million — a 40 percent increase from the 5.1 million age 65 and older affected in 2015. By 2050, the number of people age 65 and older with Alzheimer’s disease may nearly triple, from 5.1 million to a projected 13.8 million, barring the development of medical breakthroughs to prevent or cure the disease. These are scary numbers and we need to do something about them.

In this issue, I am going to share with you how to have a cash flow surge and I am asking you to donate to this cause. For every person who purchases the specials we are offering in this issue, InSPAration Management will contribute 50% of the purchase towards the Alzheimer’s Association. Go Purple!

Read the Featured Article and learn How To Create a Cash Flow Surge! Be innovative and implement some of the strategies.

In the Bright Idea, discover The Importance of Having a Spa Team Business Curriculum to help you train your team on how to increase revenue and make more money.

In the Dori Recommends, you will see how to boost your sales with make-up! Don’t let your make-up sit around collecting dust.

Just because it’s summer, don’t think its ok to be slow. It’s NOT. You can still make a lot of money during the summer months. You just have to implement the content of this e-zine and you will be on your way to a big cash flow surge! Transfer the heat to your business. It’s time to make a lot of money!

Please help us help others!

and the InSPAration Management Team
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Every business needs a cash flow surge! What is a cash flow surge and how do you experience one?

A Cash Flow Surge is a strategy that provides you with a sudden boost of revenue to help you generate a large sum of money quickly to improve overall cash flow.

To experience a cash flow surge, you have to have a strategy and a plan. In this article, you will discover 4 strategies you can implement to gain a BIG Spa cash flow surge.

1. Host An Event
An event is a great way to boost revenue. Invite all of your VIP clients. Ask them to bring a friend and host a great party. Team up with other businesses and have them invite all of their VIP clients. Team up with florists, catering, winery, clothing, jewelry, fitness, yoga studios, etc.

The goal is to gain new clients, make it fun, and make a lot of money. During the event, you will make an offer to generate revenue. For example, use spa dollars toward purchasing gift cards. The guests may purchase a gift card for $200 and receive $40 spa dollars for free. Or, purchase a gift card for $350 and receive X amount of spa dollars for free.

This is a proven-effective way to sell a ton of gift cards during the event.

Make sure everyone knows this offer is valid only during the event.

2. Launch a Referral Campaign
A referral campaign is a great way to increase the number of clients and boost revenue. You can have a 30-day campaign where your entire team is focused on asking every guest to refer someone new to the spa. The campaign is “refer a friend and have the opportunity to win XYZ, a value of $ _______.”

You can inform everyone that the drawing will take place at the end of the month.
Do an event for all the new potential clients so you can introduce them to the spa and make them an offer to experience your spa. You just boosted the number of new qualified clients in 30 days.

3. Offer Spa Treatment Series with Bonuses
Series are a great way to have a cash flow surge. You can launch a big campaign to inform your database of a special series you are offering. An example of a series can be, “Purchase any four treatments from the following options and receive the following bonuses.” Don’t discount the treatments.

4. Train Your Spa Team to Sell Memberships
Though more and more spas are offering memberships now, which is great, but often the number of memberships sold is not worth mentioning. I want you to be like Amy Hathcox from Amy’s Day Spa in Tampa. She’s been a member of the InSPAration Management community for many years. She focused on selling memberships and was able to increase her revenue by 83% over the previous year by selling memberships. My recommendation is to train your team to promote memberships. We did an entire CoachMe Gold module on it. If you did not hear it, you owe it to yourself to do so. This is the best cash flow surge you can have in your business because it generates monthly cash flow for you!!

Get Your Module Now & Gain Your Cash Flow Surge!

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The Importance of Having a Spa Team Business Curriculum

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