CoachMe Silver is a spa business coaching program that provides you with monthly access to group coaching sessions conducted by a spa business coach. The CoachMe Silver membership program is designed to help you maintain a professional edge, gain valuable insights, and generate more revenue for your spa.


The CoachMe Silver Series Offer Spa Business Education For

  • Spa and Medi Spa Leaders
  • Spa Business Success
  • Reinvent Your Business Volume I and II
  • Genius Marketing and Sales Volume I
  • Financial Freedom
  • First Level Spa and Medi Spa Managers
  • Spa and Medi Spa Team Members

How It Works

Gain Monthly Access To Effective Spa Business Coaching: You will gain access to one hour of spa business coaching where we highlight different topics designed to help you with your spa/salon business.

Monthly Audio Files: Each module contains tools, transcripts, and a 1-hour audio that will help you grow your spa business. You can download an MP3 file from the private member page and listen to it at your convenience.

What You’ll Receive

  • A One Hour Audio
  • Teleseminar Transcripts
  • Business Tools
  • Private Page Access

Solo-Preneur & Beyond Modules

My Business Positioning Module 1

My Business Positioning

• Defining my target market
• Spa/salon menu – how to entice my target market
• Developing my overall business plan
• Developing my brand
• My location, My mission, vision and values
• How to stand out against the competition-establishing my USP (unique selling proposition)
My Financial Planning Part I Module 2

My Financial Planning Part I

• Financial Planning Essentials
• Calculating My Capacity Rate
• Developing My Budget
• Controlling my expenses and managing my cash flow
• Inventory Management
• Financial ratios, operating expenses, product cost, compensation, & profits
My Financial Planning Part II Module 3

My Financial Planning Part II

• What to do once you are booked solid
• Expansion strategies
• My Facility
• Hiring my first employee
• Compensation structure that is affordable
• Increase your cash flow by upgrading treatments and recommending retail products
My Marketing Plan Part I Module 4

My Marketing Plan Part I

• Marketing Tools Needed
• Lead Generation to build my business list
• Affordable marketing mix to focus on
• Social Media with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
• Creating Profitable Promotions
• Self-Marketing
My Marketing Plan Part II Module 5

My Marketing Plan Part II

• My Website
• E-commerce gift cards
• Online reservations
• Setting up my marketing budget
• Tapping in to new revenue streams
• How to discount my services and products
• E-news and email platform for e-marketing
• How to build strong relationships
My Business Essentials Module 6

My Business Essentials

• Operational systems and guidelines
• Product lines and cash flow – How many lines should I carry?
• Selecting the ideal spa software programs
• Contracts – employment – Non-Compete Agreements
• Operating manual
Skills Needed To Be An Effective Business Leader Module 7

Skills Needed To Be An Effective Business Leader

• Time management – how to wear multiple hats effectively
• How to get Inspired and think BIGGER
• Communication skills
• Positioning myself as a leader and an expert
• Business 2 business relations
Solid And Legal Structure Module 8

Solid And Legal Structure

• Legality issues
• Type of corporation
• Must-have insurances
• Managing your taxes
• Easy accounting fix
• How to pay yourself
Common Spa Challenges And Concerns Module 9

Common Spa Challenges And Concerns

• Common Spa ChallengesGuest complaints
• Common Spa ChallengesGuest complaints
• Re-evaluate my guests’ experience – retention
• Continuing education – is it really important?
• Certification
Increasing My Volume Per Guest Module 10

Increasing My Volume Per Guest

• Money with a BowThe guest experience
• Volume per Guest – service and retail
• Increase guest visits
• Increase new client visits
• Retention rate
• Gaining referrals
Developing My Growth Structure Module 11

Developing My Growth Structure

• Spa GrowthOperating procedures
• Developing systems
• Creating department manuals
• When to hire a receptionist
• How to hire the first employee
• Employee vs. independent contractor
• Negotiating for space
• Buying equipment


Kim Marin

Silver Member

Kim is a very successful business owner who has attended multiple seminars including the Book Writing Seminar and Leap Ahead. “My introduction to Dori was the best thing that ever happened for my business. I highly recommend the book writing seminar to position yourself as an expert in your field and Leap Ahead is amazing! You will learn what you are doing wrong on a daily basis, then learn how to make your business into a machine, running smoothly and profitably!

  • Body Sculpture

German Cano

Silver Member

German is a very experienced, successful business owner who originally came from “outside the Spa Industry” and highly recommends Leap Ahead to any Spa Owner or Spa Professional. “Leap Ahead will give you a Fresh Start and provides success tools to implement everything we learned. If you own a Spa, you definitely need to attend Leap Ahead!”

  • Biovital Med Spa, Westin, FL