In the classic book Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill writes about the power of Mastermind and how it can impact a person’s life personally and professionally. Mr. Hill said as a member of the right mastermind group you will accomplish your goals in one year rather than taking 10 years to do it. As you know entrepreneurs represent a very small part of the population, the way we think, the way we plan, and the way we execute is totally different then most people. That is why belonging to a mastermind group is essential for continued success. Coach Me Platinum is an accelerated level membership, designed for entrepreneurs who are serious about GROWTH. If you are ready for exponential spa and salon growth submit your application to become a Platinum CoachMe member.


What You Will Benefit

  • 50% Off Any CDs
  • 6 30-Min. One-On-One Coaching Sessions With Dori
  • 9 Mastermind Group Calls
  • Recording Of Group Calls
  • Access To All CoachMe Gold Series And Gold Benefits
  • Workbooks
  • 2 Tickets To Leap Ahead
  • Message Board Access To CoachMe Platinum
  • 3 Two-Day Meetings Per Year, Held In A Resort Destination – You Can Bring One Team Member Or Spouse

Who Should Apply

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Be Counted On To Participate
  • People Who Want To Increase Their Income and Be The Master Of Their Business, Not a Slave
  • Willing To Share Ideas and Experiences, and Help Other Like-Minded People
  • Professionals
  • Driven Business Owners
  • People Who Are Highly Motivated and Who Want To Improve Their Sales, Marketing and Overall Business

Expected Results

The CoachMe programs are designed to help spa and medi spa industry professionals elevate their success! We offer different levels of CoachMe Programs, each geared toward professionals with different needs. We invite you to explore all the CoachMe options and choose the one that is ideal for you!

  • To elevate your success and become more profitable
  • To gain more freedom and balance in your life
  • Breakthrough to higher level of success
  • To raise pricing
  • Improve operations
  • Gain a new and more effective business model
  • Connect with other serious entrepreneurs
  • Opportunity for cooperative alliance with other business people
  • Receive support and guidance
  • Renew your commitment and be focused
  • Access to resources, innovation and inspiration
  • Facilitated accelerated learning and application
  • Friendly accountability and encouragement
  • Mastermind group experience-creative thinking multiplied
  • Peer Advisory


Kim Marin

Platinum Member

Kim is a very successful business owner who has attended multiple seminars including the Book Writing Seminar and Leap Ahead. “My introduction to Dori was the best thing that ever happened for my business. I highly recommend the book writing seminar to position yourself as an expert in your field and Leap Ahead is amazing! You will learn what you are doing wrong on a daily basis, then learn how to make your business into a machine, running smoothly and profitably!

  • Body Sculpture

German Cano

Platinum Member

German is a very experienced, successful business owner who originally came from “outside the Spa Industry” and highly recommends Leap Ahead to any Spa Owner or Spa Professional. “Leap Ahead will give you a Fresh Start and provides success tools to implement everything we learned. If you own a Spa, you definitely need to attend Leap Ahead!”

  • Biovital Med Spa, Westin, FL