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InSPAration Moments • Featured Article – August 2019

One of the biggest concerns currently facing the medical aesthetic industry is the lack of knowledge of the regulations relating to the industry. This is alarming because aesthetics is one of the fastest growing fields in medicine.

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InSPAration Moments • Note – August 2019

It’s time to go back to school, not just for your children and grandchildren, but maybe also for you. You know the phrase “when you stop learning you stop growing,” it’s true. That is what we are focusing on in this issue.

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How Do You Choose Which Product Line to Use?

If you’ve already been in business for a while and you want to refresh your menu or your boutique area, then you should definitely look into a couple of different brands that I really like. It depends on…

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Do You Recommend a Monthly Newsletter?

I’ve been publishing our newsletter for the past 10 years, and it goes out on the first of each month like clockwork. And the reason I can do that is because it gets blocked on my schedule…

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Do I Need a Lawyer to Start a Medical Spa Business?

If you’re opening a medical spa, you definitely need a lawyer because you want to make sure what the guidelines are and what the compliance is for each state in the country.

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