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Your Spa or Medi Spa Website Working For You

It is time to make your website work 24/7! Imagine having a website that will convert visitors into leads, positions you as an expert, builds relationships and generates revenue. Listen to this CD and learn strategies on how to plan and build an effective website!



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Are you looking for ways to make your spa’s website more effective? Implement “Your Website Working For You!” to maximize your online presence and grow your spa business. Your Website Working For You! When we assess spa websites, we frequently find the same mistakes being made over and over again. This USB was created to help spa leaders like you plan and design a website that transforms your online presence! When you implement its content you will be able to gain more prospects, extend visitor stay and generate revenue 24/7!

What You’ll Gain

1. Enhanced Website Knowledge and Expectations
2. Effective Planning and Website Creation
3. Navigation and Structure Essentials
4. Dynamic Online Strategies
5. Revenue Generation with e-Commerce

Learn How To

1. Generate Leads and Prospects
2. Create Design Elements to Prolong Web Visits
3. Convert Traffic into Clients
4. Write Dynamic Copy
5. Market Your Website
6. Refresh and Update
7. Measure Your Website’s Performance with Analytics
8. Avoid Costly Mistakes

What You’ll Receive

1. USB
2. Transcript
3. Planning Map

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