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Agreement & Letter of Intent

Agreement between and InSPAration Management, LLC., located in Daytona Beach, Florida.  

InSPAration Management provides business solutions to the medi spa industry.  Services include, but are not limited to, pre-opening planning, program development, concept design, space planning, equipment selection, business planning, marketing plan & material, compensation program. InSPAration Management also provides advanced business training and coaching for the medi spa team and management.

Executive Summary:

We are excited about your new med spa project and look forward to helping make your vision a reality.  Outlined below are phases and planning steps leading to your Grand Opening.  This proposal is structured in phases to simplify tasks and to outline a timeline for completion.  We are committed to working with you in planning and developing a successful business!


Phase One

Business Plan

Your business plan will include an executive summary, a company overview, your vision, mission, values, and purpose. We will also outline your treatment programs, menu, products and Identify your target market and sales revenue streams. An overall description of your organization structure, team training and financial projections. This document will provide a financial institution with what is needed to show that this is a great business opportunity and will make approving your loan an easy choice.

Included is:

  • 5-year revenue and expense projections
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Team count and human capital expense assumptions

Once we complete the plan, we will provide you the plan in a word document so you can review it and request any revisions necessary prior to submitting it to the bank.


Phase Two:

Space Planning

Develop, your space plan or review your existing space plan. With focus on profit per square foot and the guest experience, InSPAration Management will do the plan and make recommendations to enhance the guest experience as well as operational functionality. The space should include: *a boutique, *consultation suite, *reception, *treatment rooms, *relaxation/transition lounge, *manager’s office, *team lounge, *restrooms, *, *Dr. office, *storage, etc. recommendations will depend on the space and the size.


Phase Three:

Med Spa Concept: Programs & Experiences

InSPAration Management will develop your concept. With your input and vision in mind, we will help you select a name, design the ideal treatments and programs for your target market. The programs will be presented in a beautiful and professional image geared to entice consumers to purchase and repurchase your services and products.

Branding and Marketing Your Medi Spa

Marketing Material

  • Logo
  • Menu –
  • Website design
  • Corporate image – business cards, letterhead, etc.
  • Gift card
  • Grand opening invitation
  • Med Spa Dollars


Phase Four:

Interior design

We will work with your interior decorator to help with development. We will provide resources and input to help make your business the most beautiful experience.


Phase Five:

Assistance with Orders

We will work with your team to help with order synchronization for set up and opening.

  • Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Guest supplies
  • Treatment accessories
  • Operational tools
  • Software


Phase Six:

Pre-opening Services


  • Annual budget
  • Menu and programs protocols
  • Treatment pricing
  • Team compensation
  • Customized departmental manuals: Guest relations and team
  • Organizational structure
  • Inventory system
  • Marketing plan


Phase Seven:

On-site Team Training

InSPAration Management will provide a hiring system and facilitate team recruiting. Once the team is hired, we will come on-site to train the team. Training will include: How to deliver a great guest experience, how to sell/recommend treatments and retail products, how to conduct consultations. Also included is Guest relations training, and management implementation.

Two days on-site training:

  • Manager training
  • Team training


Phase Eight

Business Seminars

  1. Leap Ahead seminar – A to Z Blueprint for success – On Demand
  2. Book Seminar – Write Your Book in one Weekend 1 Seat 

Grand Opening

InSPAration Management will provide complete event planning support for your Grand Opening.

Communication with InSPAration Management

As part of this proposal you will have access to communicating with the team as needed.

Dori’s communication is limited to 1.5 hours.



InSPAration Management will assist you in all phases of development and implementation by providing timely, professional services.

Once all phases are created and implemented, your business will be positioned as the place for rejuvenation to help members of the community look amazing, feel healthier and your business be a big success!

We look forward to helping you make your vision a reality and reach success the fastest way possible!


Client agrees to pay payment of each. To be processed via a wire transfer on the  of each month.


Client is responsible for flights & hotels when we traveling to your location for training. 


ALL scheduling is to be made in advance via email. No scheduling via text.  

2–day advance scheduling is required for all meetings, calls, and sessions although we will make every reasonable effort to respond more quickly to urgent requests. 

Both parties agree to respect each other’s time, value each other’s contribution, to schedule and prepare in advance and to arrive early and prepared for all meetings and sessions. 


While unlikely, both parties agree to settle any disputes personally and amicably in person or over the phone. No disagreements should be discussed or carried out via email or text. Kindness and understanding prevail.   

Letter of Intent 

I understand that this agreement must be executed by both parties below for this agreement to come into effect.  


Both parties are executing this agreement and choose to work together to achieve success the fastest way possible.  

NOTE: The section below must be signed first by InSPAration Management. The signature constitutes your acceptance into this program. If Dori Soukup’s signature is below, that means you are about to have a very good year. 


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