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Did you know most Spas and Medical Spas operate at 35% of their capacity due to the lack of effective marketing strategies and planning. Spa Marketing is one of the most crucial components to business success! Operating under the old adage “build it and they will come” is no longer a viable business strategy. With today’s competitive market, a Strategic Spa Marketing Plan is the only option to ensure and sustain your success!

Areas of Expertise

  • SEO
  • Website
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Plan
  • Branding
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Done For Me Spa Marketing Programs

Platinum / Diamond / Ruby / Sapphire

Most Spa and Medi Spa owners are busy individuals and often wear many hats. Is that you? It seems there are too many things to do and not enough hours in the day. To help you, we are prepared to do your marketing for you! It’s called Done For Me Spa Marketing.

We offer a wide range of Spa Marketing programs to fit every need and every budget. We can help you create newsletters, landing pages, social media campaigns, SEO, posters, flyers, promotions, website updates, email blasts, and more.

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Website & SEO

Your website and your online image is most important!

Your online presence is a veryimportant partofyour Spa Marketing plan. It’s very likely your website will be the first look consumers have into your business. Now more than ever, your website and your online image is most important. Most Spa and Medi Spa owners miss the boat when it comes to website development. Most websites are nothing but an online brochure. Your website should do a lot more than that for you.

Engagement will convert them into lifetime clients. Are you making the most of your webspace? Don’t wait, submit a form for a complimentary discovery call and quote!

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seo for effective spa marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Is Your Website Getting Enough Visitors?

If you want more visitors going to your website, then you need SEO! Search Engine Optimization will help you have a long term way of getting visitors to your website, not paid traffic that only lasts a few days, SEO will last for years!

Almost all new visitors find websites through Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and here at InSPAration Management help you rank higher than your competitors so that you get more traffic and more visibility.

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branding and spa marketing


How Crucial Is Spa Branding?

As you develope your business one of the most important steps in Spa Marketing is creating a professional brand. Your website, spa menu, business cards, gift cards, newsletters, Youtube Channel, and social media platform all must have a unified image to helps impress your visitors and entice them to purchase and repurchase from you!

Whether you are opening a new spa, or you have been in business for a while and are in need of a fresh start, InSPAration Management Done For Me Spa Marketing division will help you create a beautiful and professional image that will ensure successful positioning for your spa or medi spa.

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social maketing with social media

Social Media Marketing

Need Help With Facebook Marketing?

If you have been hosting events that don’t generate revenue, it’s time to seek professional assistance! InSPAration Management can either coach you through the entire event planning process or visit you on-site for event staging, planning, and hosting. Events are a great way to: *generate buzz about your spa and salon, *introduce new clients to your facility, and * generate revenue. Hire professionals to help you with your next event! Request a quote.

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Spa Marketing Plan

Most People Don’t Plan To Fail, They Fail To Plan!

Having a Marketing Plan is essential to your spa business success! But who has the time to create an entire plan? Most people don’t even have time to create one promotion! To help you, we created the “Marketing for Success Plan.”

*establish a merchandising system, *teach a dedicated person on how to continue the merchandising process, *share tips and secrets to increase retail sales, as well as inventory management techniques.

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